Pali Canon Reading: The Planes of Realization (Ch 10), In Buddha's Words

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Dear Dharma Drink Friends,

Let's read the Pali Canon together. While many regard the Pali Canon as Theravada Buddhist text, it is fundamental for everyone learning about Buddhism, Theravada, Mahayana, or Vajrayana. Bhikkhu Bodhi, the renown Buddhist monastic and prolific translator, presented select readings to provide key teachings.

This book club is meant for us to keep pace and help each other where we can. This is NOT a book club for us to expound. For deeper learning, you can seek out centers that are giving Dharma talks on this sutra.

Book Title: In Buddha's Word's, An Anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon. Edited and introduce by Bhikkhu Bodhi

Chapter: TEN - The Planes of Realization - Pali discourse (nikayas)

HOMEWORK: Come with two questions and one favorite quote your readings.

Note, EACH SESSION IS INDEPENDENT OF OTHER: In this anthology, there are 10 Pali discourses as presented by Bhikkhu Bodhi. While we will cover each consecutively on a monthly basis, since each Pali discourse can stand alone, you are welcome to join in at any session without having attended any of the earlier book meetings. We only ask that you do read the material that is covered for the meetup.


Peter and Eddie

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" Bhikkhu Bodhi stands as one of the foremost and most prolific modern translators of the Pali canon. ...
"Bhikkhu Bodhi’s latest tour de force is this indispensible anthology — thematically arranged — of key teachings from each of the five sections, or nikayas, of the Pali discourses. The selected teachings are organized into ten themes such as The Human Condition, The Path to Liberation, and Shining the Light of Wisdom. This arrangement has the advantage of giving a more balanced view of the Buddha’s teaching than would be gained by randomly dipping into the Buddhist scriptures...
"The Pali teachings are vast in scope .. This anthology does an excellent job of making the Pali teachings more accessible by eliding much of the repetition that is characteristic of the orally-transmitted Pali tradition, and this volume is therefore remarkably readable. Bodhi, himself a westerner, has also done an excellent job of selecting those parts of the Pali teachings that are likely to have an appeal for Westerners and for Buddhists living in modern societies anywhere in the world. ..
"A highlight of the book is Bhikkhu Bodhi’s insightful introduction and chapter introductions. These passages supply useful contextual, historical, philological, and even spiritual background to the teachings, and would make an interesting and substantial book in their own right."

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