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This group is about diabesity (diabetes/obesity) and its out of control spread and effects it has on us. This group is for anyone interested in the truth as to what makes us gain and lose weight. This group is also for anyone with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) or prediabetes. Because both issues have the same root cause...insulin resistance!

Healing with knowledge...not drugs! At this Meetup, there are no products offered and no fad diets. This group is sponsored by the new Public Benefit Corporation...the Texas Diabesity Society!

We are Community Health Activists. We teach! As a result of what we teach, people's energy levels will skyrocket through the roof. Those with excess body weight...it simply melts away. As a result of what we teach, people get off all their medications. Those with T2D, reverse it, naturally! You will feel better, be healthier, and be more vibrant than ever before. We are looking for people that want to heal themselves with knowledge...not drugs!

Who do you know that wants to be healthier?

Make obesity and diabetes a thing of the past!

Let food be thy medicine...


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