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Diablo IONS, This Month is a Dreaming seminar, with Jane E Carleton, G.G, M.A

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Every 3rd Friday of the month

Price: $5.00 /per person
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Institute of Noetic Sciences, has spent several decades in association with Health organizations across the world, from meditation and prayer to change cancer cells, to bio-feedback from the healing power of Love, and how to give that strength to a loved one.

New science techniques in the last 20 years able to measure consciousness, proof of "gut feelings" and explanations that make sense.

Partnerships for peaceful nations working together, at the grass roots level despite forceful intervention from leaders declining to be involved.

What could the O J Simpson trial, the Superbowl and a major catastrophy have in common ? Only one thing, Us ! we were all very aware of these and other events and they were measurable for amount of attention on a global scale.

NDE ? Stargate ? Remote Viewing ? Dreams ? 3/21/14 Jane E Carleton...

Jane will present an introduction to the power of dreaming as a creative and healing feature of consciousness that is a natural process we are born with. We'll look at how dreams have changed the world, and discuss the value of developing a practice of active dreaming to create a shift in everyday consciousness for healing, creativity and guidance. My MA degree is in Consciousness and Transformation, and I have an additional graduate degree in Dream Studies. My specialty is helping people transform their life, and their consciousness, with the help of dreams, imagination and synchronicity. My website is (, more,

This is not a religious event, no sales or marketing is involved, there is nothing subliminal, it is about empowering human nature and saving our world.