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Life is busy!! With all the work, family, social, and civic commitments we have, when do we really get to focus on something for ourselves? You are probably here reading this because you have a Thing in your life you want to work on, but for whatever reason, it's not happening. Dialog can help facilitate action.

Examples of The Thing you might want to work on:
- develop a new passion
- enhance a relationship
- a "crazy idea," such as creating a business, changing careers, going back to school
- a milestone, such as buying a house, getting married, or having a baby
- a personal transformation project, such as losing weight or becoming athletic
- anything your heart desires

In this Meetup, you will give and receive feedback, refine your ideas, and think about what's next for your Thing. This is the structure I will follow every time we meet. Everyone will be given ample time to talk about what is going on in their lives. In the process, we will collectively achieve our goals. ...and maybe even find some wonderful friendships as well.

Come join this fun, vibrant, diverse community!!

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