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Women who like playing slow pitch Softball! ( Sorry guys this is a Women’s only softball group)! Well we are going (Open division which means teams can be all women, all men or both women and men on a team) for a season or two to practice our ladies and create a more competitive set of ladies on our team!

If you love playing slow pitch softball, were your group! We like to play, practice and just be on the field together. We are a group of women players looking for compatible and like minded softball players to build a fun softball team together. Going into the Open division for a few seasons will not change our prospective that we are looking and accepting like minded players.

Come join us! We look forward to meeting you! OUR SEASON BEGINS 2/23/20 & ENDS 4/26/20. (OUR SEASON HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS. Continue reading...

COMING BACK ONLINE LADIES....it’s 6/15/20 and we are able to have practices and hit the batting cages again!!! Please start joining us for our next practice.
TEXT ME 626/786-3300 if you’re interested in joining us and you missed our Spring Season 2020 deadline.

We will plan on outside of the field fun activities together. Baseball games, after game beers and cheers, BBQ’s, & fire pits and more. We’re here to build warm and inviting group of ladies that want to make friends with good people and enjoy a game we all love!

Please NO drama! Sundays are to play a great game together, release some stress and enjoy our day!

Plan on practicing on our off season, on a few Sundays since we already play our regular season games on Sundays.

**Since it’s been warm to hot weather we are practicing from 8:30am - 10:30am.
Please text me for park location! Look forward to meeting you!

Reasons to practice:
1) It makes you a better player!
2) Practice builds muscle memory, helps reduce stress levels in your live games 😉 & keeps us in shape! 💪!
3) Practice shows your commitment to your team and it’s success! So we thank you for taking a few hours a month to practice with us!

Our current players range from ages 20 to 54. With a diverse group of ladies & gents from Mom’s, Dad’s, ladies that played in High school & or College, Gay, & Straight! All are welcome! 😁👍✌️

Contact Brenda anytime text or call me. 626/786-3300. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Our Holiday White Elephant gathering 2020!

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