Demonstration Intuitive Healing with Diana K.

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When you are guided by your Soul, Source/God, Universe you can find places in the energy body and field intuitively that need energy for correction, healing, and spiritual growth. You are also able to assist the person in healing or bringing truth and light to these areas. Diana is an intuitive healer, Reiki Master/Teacher and has 10 years in assisting others in thousands of energy healing sessions. Diana has created her own system to teach others to connect and heal from the highest point of the Universe. Join us in this session to experience the healing and guidance to heal intuitively and divinely.
This session is demonstrated by Diana only. You will learn in the future classes your own method of healing others and yourself intuitively. Diana will be working on 5 people at a time during this session using sound, crystals, energy work, channeling and more. no experience is needed for any of the classes :) Contact Diana with any questions. August 8th 7-9pm