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Belly dance is a form of dance that many are familiar with, but few understand the positive effects it has on the human body. Further, many misunderstand this dance and mix it into the same category as strip tease and pole dancing. But it is diametrically different! Belly dancing (when taught and performed professionally) is beautiful, tasteful, and sensual (not sexual)... and should be respected as such. It is also the world's oldest core-focused exercise. That is why I decided to start this Meetup group....to spread the positive word about what has enriched my life for so many years, and what has kept me healthy and feeling years younger. All of that is why I decided to bring belly dance and bellydancercize classes to Atlantic City and the surrounding area.

Imagine for a moment you are practicing belly dance movements...the graceful hip drops, rolls, and pivots of this dance form utilize muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis, trunk, spine, and neck, working with the body instead of against it. Unlike ballet, which can potentially alter and deform the skeleton, or other dance forms that work against rather than with the body's physical inclinations, belly dance is based on movements that come naturally to the female form. And, unlike many other dance forms, belly dance is not only suited to the young and thin...but, in fact, is beautifully suited to the not-so-young...and not-so-thin. I have always personally preferred to see belly dance performed by dancers with a lot to shimmy; in fact, those who have traveled to other countries where belly dance is performed can attest to the fact that skinny dancers are not celebrated in those regions. So, for women both young and old, thin and zophtic...a wealth of health benefits awaits those who practice this form of dance. Just some of those benefits are: (1) impoved posture and muscle toning; (2) weight loss; and (3) stress reduction, and (4) female bonding...belly dancing is a celebratory form of feminine bonding, a dance shared with women by women, where women encourage and support each other.

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