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In our first message we told you about MeepleCon's history from our humble beginnings in March of 2015 to March of 2018, just a few months ago. We told you that we were moving to a four day convention format and that we've set the dates in 2019 from Wednesday, March 6th at 7 pm to Sunday, March 10th at 3 pm. We told you that our game library will now be open and available 24 hours per day in the main hall.

In our second message we told you about our move to Westgate Resort and Casino, a world class convention destination right on the Las Vegas Strip and just a stone throw away from the Las Vegas Convention Center. We told you about the great room rates, the free parking, the two free breakfast buffet tickets per room per day, the free in-room wifi, the on property Monorail stop, the world class sportsbook, the fantastic restaurant options and the Las Vegas style entertainment.

These two announcements alone will be spectacular improvements to our convention, well worth the price of admission alone. But, we are not stopping there folks. We have one final game-changing, yet bittersweet, announcement to make that is both good and bad all wrapped into one.

The bad news is that MeepleCon will cease to exist as an independent convention. MeepleCon 4 in March of 2018 was the last MeepleCon that anyone will ever get to attend here in Las Vegas. It was a great ride while it lasted and we will always have fond memories of those beginning years.

The good news is that we are replacing it with something that is even bigger and better. Meeplecon, the Las Vegas Boardgame Convention, will officially be changing its name to Dice Tower West for 2019. You read that right. We have entered into an agreement with Tom from The Dice Tower and we are very excited to announce the launch of a brand new boardgame convention right on the Las Vegas strip. The inaugural Dice Tower West will be a four day convention running from March 6th - March 10th of 2019 at the Westgate Resort and Casino. We are very, very excited about this new opportunity to introduce the Dice Tower brand to a whole new group of gamers out west.

It's so exciting to see our one-time small local convention now on a solid path to becoming a major national convention. The sky is the limit folks. Join us as we make Dice Tower West one of the premiere board gaming conventions to attend on the west coast.

Stay tuned for more announcements. We have lots and lots of cool stuff planned. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 4th as badges will sell fast and the small block of rooms we have reserved will probably sell even faster (so book them now).

Until next time.

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