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Diet Busters is ...
Weigh Watchers without the points
Jenny Craig without the prepared foods
OverEaters without the steps

Diet Buster is not any specific diet or program.

Diet Busters is an accountability and support group. We will weigh in weekly to to monitor our progress and support each other for goals met and hold each up when we struggle. BY JOINING DIET BUSTERS YOU AGREE TO ATTEND WEEKLY MEETINGS ON A REGULAR BASIS.

Each week we will have a different discussion topic i.e. emotionally eating, increasing metabolism, diet fads. Please note the organizers of this group are not physicians, dietitians or nutritionists. Diet Busters is meant to share and learn from ordinary people’s experiences.

Diet Busters is for men and women that want to lose as little as 10 pounds or more than 100 pounds or for anyone that is just trying to maintain their ideal weight.

Diet Busters will not promote any specific program or fitness center. Members are free to utilize any method of weight loss they choose. Additionally there will be zero tolerance for insisting one theory or plan is better or worse than another. No one is to ever be made to feel uncomfortable! If there is any concern about anything discussed in the group for your personal use, please discuss it with your physician to see if it is suitable for your health.

To add to the accountability factor members can participate in some friendly competitions.

Members are encouraged to host sub-events such as mall walking, biking, swimming etc as well as developing workout pals.

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