What we're about

1) Are you interested in learning/investing in Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies?
2) Are you a seasoned crypto trader?
3) or are you somewhere in the middle?

4) Are you interesting in having more & better timely trading research at your disposal than anything currently available?

5) Are you interested in benefiting* from your efforts research and the efforts/research/experience of other trusted individuals?

If you have any yeses; this group may be for you.

We will have a 2-tiered group
1) The basic Meetup Group will be for local education - at all levels - basic to advanced
2) Tier 2 will be for investors/speculators - noobs to advanced

*You may be able to receive income for doing many types of work: research, admin, coding, managing, publishing...

For meetups, we will attempt to group individuals together by knowledge level, to avoid wasting the time of new people or veterans. But there will still be plenty of mixing!

How will Tier2 work?
Currently there are several thousand existing cryptos/coins/tokens/icos with new ones added daily. (imho, this is likely to accelerate.) It is impossible for a part-time or full-time investor/speculator to understand/track/trade all the DA (digital assets) available.
But, what if we had 50 people researching one DA per week? - and sharing that info with you.
What if we had 1,500 people researching/monitoring 5 DAs per week? - and sharing it with you.
Now, you've got an edge!

What if, after the Tier2ers use current info; they sell it to the market place & divide the proceeds among themselves?
How do I join Tier2? Join the meetup; Do something valuable for the community. Once your work is verified - you're in - i.e. eligible to share the rewards, if any.

Past events (2)

Short notice, crypto walk & talk

Plough & Stars Restaurant