Digital Flagstaff Meetup

This is a past event

20 people went


We will have two talks followed by a group discussion to brainstorm how to improve the tech startup scene in Flagstaff

The first talk will be From Idea to Prototype: Portable 3D Foot Scanner by Megan Colbath and the second talk will be Mobile App Development by Evan Fram.

From Idea to Prototype: Portable 3D Foot Scanner
Megan Colbath

As part of my business plan I'm developing a portable 3D foot scanner that can be used to develop a custom, virtual last (A shoe last is used in the construction of a shoe and determines the fit and 'look'). I'll be talking about the evolution of the idea and how I've turned an idea into a prototype. I'll also touch on some of the technical details such as software, hardware, tooling, and materials (3D CAD, Raspberry Pi, Nomad Pro, etc.)

My background is in engineering, mechanical and aerospace, but I've always been interested in entrepreneurship. Last year I started Aptulum LLC; a startup focusing on the mass customization of women's high heeled footwear.

Mobile App Development
Evan Fram

The average American now spends more time per day using mobile apps than web browsers, mobile and desktop combined.

This talk will provide an overview of mobile app development, including development environments that one can use to develop apps, the app publication process, monetization strategies, and industry trends.

Evan Fram is cofounder of Zippy Brain, a mobile app development company that develops apps for Apple and Android phones and tablets, primarily in the areas of education, business, and entertainment.