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Layout on the web with CSS Grid is awesome!

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Layout on the web with CSS Grid is awesome!
Nathan Shafer

The web has never really had a true method for layout. In the beginning we got along by abusing tables and floats. More recently flexbox has been a useful method for layout, but it only worked along one axis. Now there is CSS Grid, finally a full-page layout system for modern and responsive HTML/CSS web pages. Supported in all modern evergreen browsers, CSS Grid is ready to be used for your next web project. Whether you're a complete novice or an old hand, I'll walk through the everlasting challenge of how to position elements next to each other on web pages, and by the end you'll have that "ah-ha!" moment and realize that CSS Grid is the future of layout that we've all been waiting for.

Nathan Shafer Bio:
System Herder, Bit Wrangler, Pixel Pusher. Nathan Shafer is a lifelong computer geek and currently owns Normal Technologies, a full-stack web development agency.