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Content Strategy for Products - Experience, Traction, Growth

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Note: The slides are available at: Content is the common denominator to every parameter (or goal) that defines an organization's success - be it awareness (marketing), leads (sales), product interface (UI), experience (UX), support, or growth (brand positioning). Content makes or breaks a pitch, whether to customers or to investors.

However, it is also true that:
- Product teams think of content after design
- Marketers and UX teams do not have a shared product vocabulary
- Organizations invest in artwork, distribution, and analysis, or in chatbots and personalization, without really making an investment in content

Let's find out why we need to be strategic about content, for product's goals for CX, Traction, and Growth.

PS: Every success story whether it is Intercom, Stripe, Drift, or even Basecamp, share their stories for how 'Content' helped them pivot at some stage in their journey. We know what we mean when we hear 'Just do it', 'Shave Time, Shave Money', 'Engagement Economy', or Imagination at Work'. Let there be content strategy.

PPS: If you had registered for the same meetup when it was originally scheduled for 18 January, I apologize for the cancellation. It was something unavoidable, and I appreciate your trust to sign up for this rescheduled session. See you there!