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Our Meetup is for those in Tampa Bay who live, learn and love the world of Digital Marketing. Whether that is ad tech, martech, marketing automation, SEO, digital media or any of the latest technologies, we want to learn from each other.

Join us as we bring the best and brightest out in Tampa Bay.

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Create Loyal Customers: Infuse UX/CX Into Your Digital Marketing

This month, PowerChord UI/UX Designer Cambry Lichtenberger will be leading a conversation on how digital marketers can create great customer experiences. Takeaways will include: - What Digital Marketers need to know about user experience (UX) & customer experience (CX) - How UX and CX differ and how to use both to your advantage - Real-world case studies from brands that get CX just right - Tips for how you can implement better UX right now

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