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How can we reach our (potential) visitors online?
Many museums consider this a marketing question and focus on having a flashy website and a lively social media presence.

All this is wonderful of course, but we shouldn’t forget what our prime assets are: our collections and the knowledge we hold about them.
How can we broaden our online reach through our content? For years, Wikimedia has been working with cultural organizations to help them unleash their collections and make them accessible (and findable) online.

Most people will be familiar with Wikipedia, but does your museum contribute to this community? What would happen if we would encourage our curators to become wikipedians? Have you ever considered hosting a editathon? What does a wikipedian in residence do, and how do you get one? Of course, Wikipedia is only one of many Wikimedia projects. You can share images of your collections through Wikimedia commons. This makes it easier for people to find them and they might even be used to adorn relevant Wikipedia entries, a 10-year-old’s assignment, a blog post, or academic publication. One of the projects specifically aims to tackle the gender inequality that often exists in historical narratives, art history and the history of science & medicine. A great opportunity to celebrate the female artists or historical figures that feature in your collections. In short, this meetup will be all about sharing, pushing your content out there and finding out how Wikimedia can help.

We are very pleased to welcome Sebastiaan ter Burg, project leader of cultural cooperations at Wikimedia, as our speaker.

He will give an overview of Wikimedia projects that are relevant for museums. As always there will be plenty of opportunity for asking questions and sharing ideas. We are looking forward to seeing you there!