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Digital Product London - Episode 4: Let's talk Design Systems

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Digital Product London - Episode 4: Let's talk Design Systems


Let's talk Design Systems!

Many companies, from Airbnb and Deliveroo to Netflix and Salesforce have over the last few years changed how they design digital products by developing and introducing their own unique Design Systems. Through the use of repeatable components and a set of standards guiding the use of those components, these companies, and many others, have been able to not only speed up the pace they produce and create at, but also increase innovation within their teams.

Join us for our 4th Episode of Digital Product London as we take a look at the fundamentals of Design Systems, hear about how Atomic Design has helped one company to be better and listen to how using Design Systems can help to drive success.

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18:00 - 18:30 Doors open: Drinks, networking and welcome
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Inayaili de León,
Principal Design Consultant at Make Us Proud / YLD

Design systems: How to Foster Participation
Creating and maintaining a design system are not easy feats, but they are much harder if you don't have any help from outside the core design systems team — if you're lucky to have a team! In this talk I'll give you some handy tips about how to encourage people to participate, contribute and use your design system.

Rachel Neath & Jason Hung
Product Manager and Product Design Lead at EDITED

Topic: How Atomic Design has improved user experience, enhanced communication and efficiency within the EDITED product team.


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