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Community, as a concept, is an empowering force behind design that has existed since the guild system of Medieval Europe. Join Huge, Dribbble, ADC and Behance as we explore how design communities have evolved in the digital age, helping to shape not only how designers connect and share ideas, but also how they are hired and make a living. Beyond designers themselves, we'll also discuss how the transparency of these digital communities has contributed to the democratization of design as a concept and what that means for the future of the discipline itself.

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Dan Cederholm & Rich Thornett, Co-founders, Dribbble
Dan Cederholm is a designer, author, speaker, and dad living in Salem, Massachusetts. He is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Dribbble, and the Founder & Principal of SimpleBits (http://simplebits.com/), a tiny design studio. Dan previously co-founded the wine community site, Cork’d (http://corkd.com/) and has worked with clients such as Google, MTV, ESPN, Fast Company, YouTube, Microsoft, and others. He embraces simple, flexible, adaptable design using web standards through his interface work, writing, and speaking. In early 2012 he received a TechFellow Award (http://techfellows.com/about/) for Product Design & Marketing.

Rich Thornett wanted to play pro basketball when he grew up, but found himself trapped in the body of a software developer. So he did the next best thing and co-created Dribbble, where he leads software development and product design. He's built web applications for over a decade at blue chips and startups, but is happiest playing a big role on a small team, designing and developing products.

Ignacio Oreamuno, Executive Director, Art Directors Club
Ignacio Oreamuno founded IHAVEANIDEA in 2001, with the intention of creating a community-based publication that shared quality know-how by creatives for creatives. Soon thereafter, Ignacio launched Portfolio Night, the world's first-ever international portfolio review. In the following years, Ignacio was named one of Marketing Magazine's "Ones to Watch Under 30," and he launched two new initiatives: the Tomorrow Awards, an international award show without categories, exclusively focused on teaching and learning; and Giant Hydra, a first-of-its-kind mass collaboration creative tool for agencies.

Matias Corea, Co-founder & Chief of Design, Behance
Born and raised in Barcelona, Matias Corea graduated in Graphic Design from La Massana Art School. In the early years, he was very influenced by the omnipresence of electronic music in Barcelona. Working for multiple DJs and clubs, he found a canvas to explore the boundaries of graphic design and expression. This is where he developed an awareness of the crucial importance of the communication aspect of design. As Co-Founder and Chief Designer of Behance –a company dedicated to organizing the creative world, Matias led the brand identity and design of all Behance products– including the Behance Network, ProSite, The 99% Conference & Magazine, and Action Method, amongst others.