Spring Cloud on Kubernetes


Spring Cloud takes an opinionated, platform agnostic approach to enable developers to build cloud native applications.

Since Spring Cloud is platform agnostic, it’s goal is to be able to take advantage of the features of the platform the application is running on while at the same time insulating the application from depending on the platform directly.

This is exactly what the new Spring Cloud Kubernetes project enables when running Spring Cloud apps on Kubernetes. Spring Cloud Kubernetes takes advantage of features from Kubernetes like service discovery and configuration while allowing developers to continue to use the Spring Cloud conventions they are all familiar with.

In this session, we will show how you to build Spring Cloud applications and deploy them to Kubernetes with ease.
Ryan Baxter, Spring Cloud Software Engineer

Currently, Ryan is working as a software engineer as part of the Spring Cloud team. Ryan has a passion for sharing what he learns via social media, including Twitter and his blog (http://ryanjbaxter.com), as well as in person at conferences. When he’s not coding, Ryan likes spending time with his daughter, ice fishing, running obstacle course races, and watching the Red Sox.