• High Performance Hybrid Cloud

    Online event

    Register: https://www.leostream.com/resource/hybridcloud/ Securely deliver high-performance remote access to virtual desktops and workstations from on-premises and cloud-based environments with Leostream. Advanced support for multiple high performance display protocols enables at-desk performance and facilitates remote collaboration. Join for a discussion and demonstration of: + High-performance hybrid cloud workflow + Facilitating remote collaboration + Considerations for performance and user experience + Localized data for privacy and compliance + Manage cloud costs by automatically controlling compute capacity and power state based on demand + Q&A

  • Azure Spring Cloud Workshop with VMware Tanzu & Microsoft

    Event Overview Join this virtual full day workshop with VMware and Microsoft, where you will get a hands-on introduction to microservice architecture and application development. With expert guidance, you will: - Take microservices to the happiest place on earth- production! - with the Azure Spring Cloud & without worrying about infrastructure, app lifecycle, monitoring, etc. -Learn how Azure supports supports service discovery, centralized configuration, service bindings, application auto scaling and monitoring, distributed tracing, secrets using Managed Identities and Key Vault, isolation, on-premises connectivity and blue/green deployment - Participate in real world customer microservice case studies Space is limited, please register now. For full agenda and signup registration visit --> https://connect.tanzu.vmware.com/Azure-Spring-Cloud-Workshop.html

  • Spring Cloud on Kubernetes

    Pivotal Labs Toronto

    Spring Cloud takes an opinionated, platform agnostic approach to enable developers to build cloud native applications. Since Spring Cloud is platform agnostic, it’s goal is to be able to take advantage of the features of the platform the application is running on while at the same time insulating the application from depending on the platform directly. This is exactly what the new Spring Cloud Kubernetes project enables when running Spring Cloud apps on Kubernetes. Spring Cloud Kubernetes takes advantage of features from Kubernetes like service discovery and configuration while allowing developers to continue to use the Spring Cloud conventions they are all familiar with. In this session, we will show how you to build Spring Cloud applications and deploy them to Kubernetes with ease. --------- Speaker --------- Ryan Baxter, Spring Cloud Software Engineer Currently, Ryan is working as a software engineer as part of the Spring Cloud team. Ryan has a passion for sharing what he learns via social media, including Twitter and his blog (http://ryanjbaxter.com), as well as in person at conferences. When he’s not coding, Ryan likes spending time with his daughter, ice fishing, running obstacle course races, and watching the Red Sox. https://spring.io/team/ryanjbaxter https://github.com/ryanjbaxter

  • SpringOne Tour: Toronto

    Daniels Spectrum


    Cloud-Native Java From the Source The SpringOne Tour brings the best Cloud-Native Java content from our flagship conference directly to you. In 2 days, you’ll learn about both traditional monolithic and modern, Cloud-Native Java from the source. Experience valuable facetime with expert Pivotal speakers in both traditional presentation and informal Pivotal Conversations about modern Application Development, DevOps, CI/CD, Cloud and more. The event is $150 CAD - including's standard conference packages (breakfast, lunch, coffee, snacks etc) See for more details: https://springonetour.io To register: https://springonetour.io/register?city=toronto

  • Application Transformation, Breaking Down the Monolith

    Pivotal Labs Toronto

    Application Transformation, Breaking Down the Monolith: How to Refactor Applications and Get the Most out of your Legacy Code. What --------- Determine how to get the most of your legacy applications with insights and proven application transformation and modernization methods. By joining this workshop, you will hear about the challenges your peers have faced and the outcomes they achieved with two leaders from Dicks Sporting Goods talking about their application transformation experience. You will also participate in a working session with Pivotal’s Application Transformation team who will help get your team started by providing guidance on the apps that matter the most to your business. Who ---------- Developer’s , Product Managers, Product Owners, QA’s, and anyone else involved in the Software Development Lifecycle will all learn valuable takeaways, tools, and practices to carry out modernization efforts for legacy applications Why ---------- Evolving customer demands force companies to innovate quickly. However, most of the world’s developers work with legacy applications that reside on an outdated platform using antiquated tools. Moving to the cloud is often hindered by a complex application portfolio that is tightly-coupled and sparsely documented. On top of all that, organizations are impeded by manual, tedious processes designed to minimize risk and maintain compliance. As a result, software releases become infrequent and time consuming. Speakers ------------- Sean Graham - Application Transformation Practice Lead at DICK's Sporting Goods As the leader of the DICK’S Sporting Goods Application Transformation practice, Sean is building and leading an Application Transformation team focused on strangling and decoupling multiple monoliths throughout the enterprise. Sean has 20+ years of experience in technology and development/software engineering, spending the last 19 years in various technology roles at DICK’S more recently supporting and advocating a company and department-wide digital transformation. J.P. White - Director Of eCommerce Application Development at DICK'S Sporting Goods J.P. has over 10 years of technology and strategy experience working in consulting and delivery. He has been a member of the technology team at DICK’S Sporting Goods for nearly 7 years and is currently responsible for customer-facing technology and payments. Matt Russell - Senior Director of Application Transformation Services at Pivotal As the leader of Pivotal’s Application Transformation Service, Matt Russell is responsible for an awesome delivery team focused on working alongside customers to transform their existing application portfolios to run exceptionally well on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

  • Reduce Risk Through Design Thinking: How to build products that respond 2 change

    Building software is incredibly tricky. It isn’t enough to simply build lots of features, develop a rich product portfolio, or be the first to market. ------------------------------- What are we solving -------------------------------- Without the ability to effectively evaluate product risks, organizations often fail to meet their customer's evolving needs and expectations, and the product is ultimately unsuccessful. We need to adopt new tools and processes to help us mitigate these risks before the product goes to market, and continue to iterate over time. ---------------------------- Who should attend ---------------------------- Product Owners, Product Managers and Developers will learn how to effectively partner with Designers to gather insights that leads to value stories, meaningful software and quality software products. Designers will learn how to plan and conduct user research as part of an on-going product development process. ------------------------------- How will we do it -------------------------------- Through a series of case studies on the challenges and pitfalls of traditional software development practices, we will look at how to implement lean design research in an agile product team and ways to bring about change within the organization. Topics include: User-Centered Design, User research 101, Generative vs Evaluative research practices, UX + Agile, and lean principles. We will explore popular design processes and how it relates to the development process. This includes Design Thinking (IDEO), Design Spring (Google Ventures) and Double Diamond (British Design Council). ------------------------- Who is speaking ---------------------- Hans Kao is a seasoned Product Designer at Pivotal Labs, he thinks about design beyond colours, fonts and pictures, but focuses on delivering true value to real users. He is involved throughout the product development process, helping the team obsessively focus on the user experience in order to build desirable and usable products.

  • Modern DevOps with Spinnaker: How Netflix Manages Microservices at Scale

    The ability to deliver software with speed and stability drives organizational performance: productivity, profitability, and market share. It enables innovation and fast feedback cycles for your business. It is now a key business competency. ---------------------------- What are we solving: ---------------------------- Optimizing for velocity requires adopting a microservice architecture, so different parts of applications can be delivered independently by different teams. A microservice architecture results in a higher rate of change and potential instability in a distributed system ------------------------ How will we do it ------------------------ Netflix created Spinnaker, a multi-cloud continuous delivery system as one of the key pillars of their application platform. Come learn how you can leverage the recent addition of Cloud Foundry to the Spinnaker ecosystem to help you deliver code quickly and safely. -------------------------- Who should attend: -------------------------- Product Managers, DevOps, Developers, QA’s, Operators, Architects and anyone else involved in the Software Development Lifecycle will all learn valuable takeaways, tools, and practices to carry out these principles and improve their Delivery and Speed. ---------------------- Who is speaking: ----------------------- Jon Schneider Sr Engineering Manager, Spring Team @ Pivotal Jon is a Software Engineer at Pivotal, working on the Spring team on application monitoring and continuous delivery. Previously, he worked at Netflix on developer productivity tools related to distributed refactoring, dependency insight, and build tools.

  • Less is More — The 7 Wastes of Lean Software Development

    Pivotal Labs Toronto

    "Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away" One of the most effective ways of improving profitability and reducing costs is identifying and eliminating any waste in your SLDC process that doesn’t add value. We will look at the 7 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing — popularized by Toyota — and how they apply to the Software Development industry. This includes: Partially Done Work, Extra Features, Relearning, Handoffs, Delays, Task Switching, and Defects. We will look at how identifying these wastes, how to reduce them, and how to deliver software projects with lower costs (time, money, resources). — Who should attend: Developer’s , Product Managers, Product Owners, QA’s, and anyone else involved in the Software Development Lifecycle will all learn valuable takeaways, tools, and practices to carry out these Lean Principles and improve their Delivery and Speed. -- Who is Speaking: Victor Szoltysek is an emergency firefighter. He has a long history of software consulting and effectively putting-out-fires around corporate America. He is often dropped-in during serious project difficulties and cost-overruns. He has been able to successfully turn around some projects, seen others fail miserably, and, regrettably, has personally witnessed close to one billion dollars in project write-offs. That’s billion with a B! Throughout his career and dozens of post-mortem analysis, he’s acquired a very specific set of skills, including a keen premonition of project failures before they happen, and insights how they could easily have been avoided. Currently, he works at Pivotal as a Platform Architect helping clients with cloud transformations and effective lean software development, to help you proactively avert disaster and be seen as a valued, skilled, and respected lean software expert. https://www.linkedin.com/in/victor-szoltysek-a14235b6/

  • SpringOne Tour

    Vantage Venues

  • Big Bangs, Monorails, and Microservices

    Pivotal Labs Toronto

    Big Bangs, Monorails, and Microservices: Software Development Lessons from the Golden Age of The Simpsons. Abstract Only a few things are certain in life: death, taxes, and the fact most software projects will go over-budget, underperform, or worse-yet fail altogether. With decades of books, conferences, and materials written on the subject, we continue repeating the same fundamental mistakes that lead to these failures — and we still end-up with massive cost overruns or worse still: complete write-offs with nothing to show. Come take a journey back in time to 1990’s Springfield to get some insights on avoiding these costly mistakes, and to help shed light on why failures like healthgov.org or canada.ca continue happening. We’ll look on how to pragmatically deal with our obsession with shiny objects, our wishful thinking tendencies, our self-interest with Resume-Driven Design, and a slew of other and often non-technical antipatterns —in order to help mitigate them, and a more efficient Springfield. Audience Anyone involved in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), technical and non-technical people alike will learn valuable lessons to help them minimize software delivery risk, and avoid costly and often spectacular project catastrophes. Speaker Victor Szoltysek has a long and rich history of software consulting and dealing with putting-out-fires around corporate America. Often dropped-in during serious project difficulties and cost-overruns — he’s successfully turned around some, seen others fail, and personally experienced close to a billion dollars in project write-offs. Through these experiences and dozens of post-mortems, he’s acquired a very specific set of skills, including a keen premonition to see such project failures before they happen and be able to avoid them. Currently he works at Pivotal as a Platform Architect helping clients with cloud transformations.