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We invite all digital business people, data officers, engineers, software developers, IT specialists, data developers, cloud computing enthusiast and technology startup people to join our meetups. We will bring the best experts from Solita and our friends to talk about the newest in IT tech, Agile development and customer insight to our meetups.

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Breakfast Seminar: How to create your data-driven IoT solution

Join us for our breakfast seminar focused on IoT! Solita IoT Alliance lets you build modular solutions with ready-made and tested services and devices; you’ll get a quick start and more value for your business without losing your earlier investments. This event is for organizations that are looking to leverage IoT and people working in IT wanting to integrate IoT into their offering. Please register through this link to save your seat: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/How_To_Create_Your_Data_Driven_IoT_Solution_8973 At this breakfast you will learn: - How to enhance your business processes and create new value for your end-users with modern IoT solutions and data platform. - How to build your IoT solution on top of your current business environment. - Understand the relation between IoT investments and business renewal outcome - Which service modules you need to finalize your IoT Solution - How to create a data platform that enables business insight to IoT data Agenda: 08:30-08:50 Breakfast is served 08:50-09:00 Solita Presentation – Daniel Ornerud, Solita 09:00-09:10 Solita IoT Alliance – Janne Siltari, Solita 09:10-09:30 Customer Success Story – Jyrki Suutari, Haltian 09:30-10:30 Deep Dive with Touch and Feel - Haltian Thingsee IoT Sensors and R&D references – Jyrki Suutari, Solita - Virebox.AI Video Recognition Demo by VireLabs – Janne Siltari, Solita - Case example with Cloud, AI, Data Analytics, Testing and Cyber Security - NB-IoT enabled Thermal Camera Demo – Unseen Technologies - DNA Connectivity, 5G and Cisco Jasper Demo – Tuomas Kolkka, DNA - Modern IoT data Platform for Visual Data Analytics – Daniel Ornerud, Solita We hope to see you!

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