Building situation-aware Digital Strategies - Live Mapping Workshop!

Digital Leadership
Digital Leadership
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This meetup will offer a Live workshop to understand how to use the Wardley Mapping Framework to establish a successful Digital Strategy. This workshop will give a taster of a training course that we'll soon make available.

Most organisations have struggled in their journey to digital competitiveness and have launched programme of Digital Change, Agile Transformation or DevOps adoption. Though most of those efforts have aimed to address genuine concerns, their success has often been limited, when done in isolation, or when focusing on the wholesale normalisation of an operating model. Such situations are symptomatic of an urgent need for change without situational awareness.

In our view, Digital Leadership starts with building a strong situational awareness and, from it, adopting the right approach to emerging new innovation, consolidating the service or industrialising the digital platform. The approach can then adapt to needs.

In this workshop, we will share the basics of mapping and give you the opportunity to practice on a Live example, so you can start looking at your business / area using this powerful tool for enhanced awareness.

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