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DigitalOcean Amsterdam: The September Edition

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We're back after a short intermission in August with the standard 2 talks, casual pizza and drinks. We've got Piet van Dongen from Luminis in to do a talk on http2. After the break, Sahil will combine our love from Containers with Deep learning and show how he is using them at (

For those of you who haven't been to a DigitalOcean Amsterdam event before, you can expect a relaxed evening starting with cold drinks (theres quite a spread - from beers to wine, soft drinks to water) and light snacks. We do a brief introduction followed with 2 talks that cover the web development, dev-ops and cloud scene. We do other things from time to time. Generally, if its cool, nerdy and connected to the internets, we can host it.

The evening is rounded off with tasty pizza's and light conversation over drinks. Its all very chilled with no corporate agendas or recruiter speeches.

If you can't make it, we livestream the whole event (except the pizza eating) on youtube. Here are previous events ( to give you a flavour of what our events are like. Its better if you come and sample it in person though. Just Sayin'

Piet van Dongen ( (Luminis) - HTTP/2: Whats New?

HTTP/2 is here and you can and should use it. No more domain sharding, resource bundling, convoluted hacks. Instead, you get much better performance and security with less work than before. This talk focuses on HTTP's history and its new features: multiplexing, header compression, server push and more!

By day, Piet is a software engineer at Luminis, where he keeps himself busy doing the whole full stack thing. By night, he sleeps. The rest of the time, he mostly entertains his kids, wife and vacuum cleaner, sometimes locking himself in the bathroom to read his Twitter feed or a book.

Sahil Dua ( ( - Deep Learning in Containers

With so many machine learning frameworks and libraries available, writing a model isn’t a bottleneck anymore while putting your models in production is still a challenge.In this talk, you will learn how we deploy the deep learning models in production at (

Sahil is a Software Developer at ( in Amsterdam. When he’s not coding, he likes to spend a lot of time around good Indian or Mexican food and beer, of course!

The provisional structure is as follows:

- 6:30 - Doors open - Grab a drink and get a seat

- 7:00 - Brief introduction

- 7:10 - Piet van Dongen (Luminis) - HTTP/2: Whats New?

- 7:55 - Brief interlude - Chance to grab another drink and toilet break

- 8:00 - Sahil Dua ( - Deep Learning in Containers

- 8:45 - Closing remarks then pizza and socialising

The DigitalOcean Community ( has all the resources you need to go from development to production, and please read the Events Code of Conduct ( before attending.