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A DigitalOcean Amsterdam Special: How the Internet works - Part 2

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After having a great time with the Henk and Kees back in February, we decided to continue the series. This time we're really excited to be hosting Olaf Kolkman, the Chief Internet Technology Officer for the Internet Society, talking about DNS security and routing challenges which underpin the internet on a core level. Jaap Akkerhuis is our second speaker - A man who was instrumental to the setup of the internet in Europe during the 80's. It promises to pretty technical, with lots of insight to areas we, as developers, rarely think about.

As always, there will be drinks and snacks from the beginning including beers, wines and soft drinks (with non alcoholic beers for anyone driving). Pizza comes after the final talk so no one misses out. There will be Meaty, Veggie, Vegan and Gluten free pizzas so hopefully everyone can grab a slice and chat (chatting is optional). If you haven't been to a DigitalOcean event before, our evenings are pretty relaxed with no corporate agendas.

We will livestream too! -

Olaf Kolkman (Internet Society) - Security of the Public Core
In this talk we’ll be talking about the core of the Internet, in what we hope will be an interactive conversation we’ll meander from the make up of the Internet as a network of networks, its properties, to its challenges when it comes to Access and Trust. We may touch upon the challenges in naming and routing securities, the security of IoT, or the role of norms in the context of cyber stability. We’ll choose our own adventure.

As Chief Internet Technology Officer, Olaf Kolkman is the executive responsible for the technical aspects of the Internet Society's agenda.

For over 2 decades, Olaf has been actively engaged in the intersection of Internet technology, Internet policy and society.

Olaf contributed to various global technical Internet initiatives such as the deployment of a global measurement network and the development and global roll out of DNSSEC. He worked at RIPE NCC for almost a decade and directed NLnet Labs for more than half a decade. Under his responsibility, NLnet Labs made a significant contribution to global Internet stability through research and development of open-source DNS software that is globally deployed.

Olaf is a commissioner on the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, a board member of Diamond Key Security, and a chair of the advisory council of Bits of Freedom.

Olaf lives in the Netherlands and finds pleasure in movies, music, cooking, and creativity. He tweets as @kolkman.

Jaap Akkerhuis (NLnet Labs) - Developing a network and naming policies

Jaap has been instrumental in the development of the Internet in the Netherlands and Europe since the early 1980s. During his career he has been involved in various aspects of networking. In this talk he will tell about the early development, not only about the technical aspects but how naming policies and governance policies developed over the years.

Jaap is currently a senior research engineer at NLnet Labs and has performed various functions in ICANN advisory committees such as the Security and Stability Advisory Committee. In 2017 he got inducted into the ISOC Hall of Fame.

Throughout his career, Jaap has spent a generous amount of time sharing his knowledge with others and playing key roles in organisations such as the European Unix User Group, Advanced Computing Systems Association (USENIX), the Internet Engineering Task Force, the Internet Society, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE) and The Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries.

The provisional structure is as follows:

- 6:30 - Doors open - Grab a drink and get a seat

- 7:00 - Brief introduction

- 7:10 - Olaf Kolkman (Internet Society) - Security of the Public Core

- 8:00 - Break

- 8:05 - Jaap Akkerhuis (NLnet Labs) - Developing a network and naming policies

- 8:50 - Closing Remarks, Pizza and casual chatting