DigitalOcean Amsterdam: The October Reboot

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Castor EDC

George Westinghousestraat 2 · Amsterdam

How to find us

Just around the corner from Amstel Station. Follow your mapping application of choice and look out for the DigitalOcean Posters at the entrance

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Ok, The DigitalOcean Amsterdam meetup is back. This month we're getting our hands dirty in the network stack. Angelo is coming to give a deep dive into the OSI stack and networking, the underpinning of all applications and websites on the web.

Yes, there will be beers, wine and soft drinks. We'll start the night with snacks to keep you from wasting away and end it with pizza. Simple food you can eat with one hand and hold a drink with the other. Whether you're a Meaty or Veggie or Vegan kinda person, there will be something for you to eat. Gluten free people too.

Angelo van der Sijpt (Booq) - How well do you know your network stack?

Networking is an integral part of computing in the digital world we inhabit. But, how well do you know how it works? Do you understand all the moving parts of the OSI stack inside your computer, and how the network is actually put together? Do you feel wonder that it actually works at all?
This guided safari of layers, standards, protocols, and happenstance will bring us close to the copper wire, and up through the layers of CDMA/CD, ARP, routing and HTTP. We will make a few excursions through patchwork that still works forty years later, and cleverly designed mechanisms that show that simplicity is the only way to last.
You will end this fun tour of all the things you sort-of knew with a new found wonder of the miracle of modern networking, and a better feel for where to start looking when things inevitably break.

Angelo is lead software architect for booq, the cloud-supported POS solution for hospitality and catering by Eijsink. He has experience in technology as an engineer and architect, ranging from Java to Ruby to iOS with some agile coaching thrown in for good measure.
Built up over a decade of consulting experience, he enjoys providing just enough structure where is matters (ranging from process to APIs to team boundaries to tabs-vs-spaces), balancing technical alignment with agility, and designing solutions that fit their environment in a fit-for-purpose, sustainable manner. He is also more proud of his Wireshark-skills than he likes to admit.

The rough structure is as follows:

- 6:00- Doors open - Grab a drink and get a seat

- 7:00 - Brief introduction & the state of the meetup

- 7:15 - Angelo van der Sijpt (Booq) - How well do you know your network stack? (Part 1)

- 7:50 - A short break

- 8:00 - Angelo van der Sijpt (Booq) - How well do you know your network stack? (Part 2)

- 8:35 - Closing remarks then pizza and socialising

All attendees are subject to the Events Code of Conduct ( Please read before attending.

Hope to see you there,