DigitalOcean Amsterdam: The EOY Holiday Edition


It's that time of year again folks - time for the last DigitalOcean Amsterdam meetup of the year. We've got Yudi talking about solving security in IOT devices with Distributed ledger technologies. Then it's the EOY quiz - a fun quiz with a bunch of cool prizes - $300 Credit for 1st place, $150 for second and $50 for third. Theres a bunch of other presents to be won in the raffle too!

As always, there will be beers, wine and soft drinks. We'll start the night with snacks to keep you from fading away and end it with pizza. Simple food you can eat with one hand and hold a drink with the other. Whether you're a Meaty or Veggie or Vegan kinda person, there will be something for you to eat. Gluten free people too.

Feel free to wear your festive jumper/t-shirt too

Yudi Xu (EVEC): How distributed IoT solution can help in a more connected world

We are surrounded by billions devices today, however, 80% of them are still insecure. This not only leads to data privacy issues but also device security breaches that endanger lives. The biggest problem today is all IoT solutions are cloud-based, which makes it the biggest vulnerable centralized target that exposes your device fleet in danger. Yudi will explain how they use distributed ledger technology to solve this problem for IoT.

Co-founder of EVEC, former CTO advisor of Shell, he is now working on to bring trust into the Internet-of-Things.

The rough structure is as follows:

- 6:30 - Doors open - Grab a drink and get a seat

- 7:00 - Brief introduction

- 7:10 - Yudi Xu (EVEC) - How distributed IoT solution can help in a more connected world

- 7:50 - A short break

- 8:00 - End of Year Quiz + Raffle

- 8:40 - Closing remarks then pizza and socialising

All attendees are subject to the Events Code of Conduct ( Please read before attending.

Hope to see you there,