DigitalOcean Hsinchu's first meetup

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Welcome to join DigitalOcean, no matter you are newbie or pro!

About us:

We are a new local technology meetup group located at Hsinchu city, organized by students in NCTU(National Chiao Tung University) and DigitalOcean! We are interested in various open source, Liunx, cloud computing, DevOps, web development and network related techs and tools, and would like to study, share the knowledge with you together, welcome to join us, share your experience and suggestion, organize the future meetup and topic with us!

About this event:

Since we are a very young tech group, just born recently, the meetup frequency and future topics are still under scheduling, we may have a meetup every one or two months, it'll be also affected by the first meetup, if you are interested in helping us setup/organize the meetup together, feel free to contact us! Any comments or suggestions are also very welcome!

The first meetup will be held on 12th Feb, from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, it’s located at Room EC-122, Engineering building 3, Guangfu Campus, NCTU, East district, Hsinchu. The topics will cover the basic concept of cloud computing, compare the difference between setting up a cloud server at home, office, school, or cloud (data center), the cloud platform using experience and use case (CDNJS) sharing, and the security related configuration and tools usage(including ufw, fail2ban, lynis, sshd configs, etc.).

In the first meetup, we really hope to know who you are, what are you interested in, or what would you like to share with us, you can tell about your development experience, cloud computing experience, share the projects you are involved in!

Have something cool wanna share with us?

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We are looking forward to meet you all soon!