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这个聚会是面向开发者的,由开发人员组织参与,通过申请发言 (http://do.co/meetuptalk)或帮助组织 (http://do.co/newmeetup)即将到来的聚会来加入。

加入DigitalOcean社区 (http://www.digitalocean.com/community),了解更多信息,请阅读我们的活动守则 (http://do.co/meetupconduct)。

DigitalOcean (http://www.digitalocean.com/)是为开发者打造的全球增长最快的云计算平台。我们的使命很简单:我们热衷于让复杂的基础设施简单化,让我们的客户享受到带给他们快乐的无缝体验。新用户可以轻松地使用直观的控制面板界面,或更大规模地使用该公司直接的API来部署一个快速的云服务器。

Meet software developers of all skill levels to share resources, learn, and form discussions around cloud and DevOps topics including configuration management, containers, databases, monitoring, virtualization, scalability, performance, and more.

This meetup is for developers, by developers — get involved by applying to speak (http://do.co/meetuptalk) or help organize (http://do.co/newmeetup) an upcoming meetup.

Join the DigitalOcean Community (http://www.digitalocean.com/community) to learn more, and please read our Events Code of Conduct (http://do.co/meetupconduct).

DigitalOcean (http://www.digitalocean.com/)is the world’s fastest growing cloud computing platform built for developers. Our mission is simple: we’re passionate about making complex infrastructure simple and delighting our customers with a seamless experience that brings them joy. New users can easily deploy a blazing fast cloud server with an intuitive control panel interface, or on a larger scale with the company's straightforward API.

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