#devKL - Startup Week Edition

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Every 2 weeks on Wednesday

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This Week's Topic

In the run up to Startup Weekend Okanagan (http://okanagan.startupweekend.org) we're going to be discussing strategies on how to survive being a technical co-founder. Things like...

Build an Experiment
Don't build the real thing yet Prove the need Build experiments to prove need Choosing a viable technology stack. Considerations:
Problem / solution pairing (hints: real-time? parallelism? complex domain?) Existing skills / local talent pool Expected traffic Team expectations What is your job exactly? What are you expecting of the rest of your team?

About #devKL

#devKL is a biweekly meetup to encourage local software developers to collaborate and learn from each other. We're hoping to build the development community by providing group mentorship, and encouraging members to connect and continue the collaboration between events.

Each session's topic is announced a week ahead of time. If you'd like to present a topic or facilitate a session, please contact Adrian ([masked]).

Potential Topic Areas

Development methodologies (Agile, TDD, BDD, DDD, XP, etc.) Teamwork / Collaboration (tools, workflows, remote work, etc.) Application lifecycle / Product development Software architecture (design patterns, craftsmanship, etc.) Automated testing / deployment Languages, frameworks, tools, etc. Industry (local, remote)
(basically anything software related, but from a web development perspective)


Software developers (hired, looking, in start-ups, etc.) People who work with developers (technical team, managers, etc) People looking for group mentorship