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Are YOU ready to expand your spiritual journey? Dimensions Reiki in Matawan, NJ, is ready to help! With our classes, workshops, and special events, we are continuing to look for ways to share our passion with Spirit work. From Reiki energy services, expos, and attunements to psychic readings and medium connections to paranormal investigations and events, we participate in events around the state as well as in other states. The Dimensions Center of Wellness enjoys hosting lectures and workshops to help educate people and bring Lightwork more into the mainstream. We are also ready to host your private energy healing, psychic, and medium sessions; just let us know! With locations in New Jersey and Arizona, we invite all inquiring minds to contact us and let us help you "find YOUR intention!"

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Workshop: Grounding Your Energy

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Do you "feel" the emotions of the people you encounter? Do you absorb the negativity of the people and places around you? Do you spend a lot of time alone in order to restore your own balance and drain away this unwanted energy? These are signs that you have a level of energy sensitivity known as Empathy. The purpose of this workshop is to provide techniques to remove excess energy from your energy field to help you raise your vibration and get back to your natural energy levels. These techniques include both changes to your habits as well as procedures to drain away multiple types of undesired energy. Price: $75.00 per person To register: visit http://www.dimensionsreiki.com/energy-grounding-jul-27-2019

Class: Introduction to Psychic Development

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To register: http://www.dimensionsreiki.com/jul-28-2019-intro-psychic-dev (Registration required 24 hours before class) Everyone has a connection with Spirit; this class is designed to help you tap into this connection, develop your own extra-sensory perceptions, and learn to use your intuitive gifts to perform psychic readings. Getting your analytical mind out of the way helps to solidify the stream of psychic information coming in, and the class will take you through several psychic exercises to provide a practical approach to using your psychic abilities. No prior experience or training is required. We request that you bring a few items for the class...

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Reiki Combined Levels I and II Attunement

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