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JULY 11, 2020
COVID-19 NOTICE: Dear DD Members:
Please note that in support of efforts in prioritizing the safety of individuals until we see how things develop and also because restaurants are now mandated to limit seating to 6 or under, DD will not be planning any in-person events until further notice. Thanks for your understanding and stay safe.

WHAT WE ARE ABOUT: Sharing good times, various cuisines (dinners, lunches, brunches, happy hours, breakfasts and more), various activities (movie outings, shows, dance/concerts, book group), and fun conversations with like-minded individuals. We are open to all who share a positive energy, attitude, and believe in inclusiveness and respect for others. And of course it helps greatly if you have a very healthy appetite for GREAT FOOD!!!

--No Message/No Show you will be removed from the group.

--Three (3) or more same day/last minute cancellations in a year will de-prioritize you from future RSVP going lists. If there is a WAITLIST, you may be moved to not going so that others on the WAITLIST can attend.

--Six (6) same day/last minute cancellations may remove you from the group. Emergencies/illness happen--we get it--but if 95% of the time you're signed up for an event, you have an emergency or illness...those are some high odds.

WAITLISTS (Use is at the discretion of the Event Host):
--You are responsible for managing your own RSVP when on a WAITLIST. IF you stay on a WAITLIST, you could get on the going list at any time. If you assume you will not get on the going list and make other plans, it is your responsibility to update your RSVP to not going to avoid a no show or last minute cancellation.

--This Group is a drama-free zone. Members may be removed at the discretion of the Organizer if they exhibit rude/offensive/abusive/overly aggressive/highly negative/toxic behaviors and attitudes toward others; being friendly is cool--being pushy and harassing others is not.

Members are allowed to post messages related to events and a certain degree of fun commentary is fine. However, posting ability is not for the purpose of airing complaints, whining, negative personal opinions, making demands, soliciting social events outside of this Meetup, venting sessions or selling products and services. This is not a message board, Facebook or YouTube nor are we some sort of corporate organization. Membership and engagement are completely voluntary—members are free to leave the group if they are unhappy with how the group is run or with the type of activities it offers. Posts are monitored and may be deleted at the Organizer’s discretion.

NOTE: Removal from the group for reasons not mentioned above are at the discretion of the Organizer.

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