Past Meetup

Sunday Training: 3-5 mile Run + Kettlebells + Interim Cafe (for now)


Hi Everyone,

Join us for a short 3-5 mile walk/jog/run along the beautiful Santa Monica beach. Once we are done with the run, we will be pushing ourselves to get/stay fit with a kettlebell workout on the grass along Palisades Park. After that, we will all head into Santa Monica for a delicious and sensible brunch to rewards ourselves.

*No need to bring your own kettlebell. Chris/Robert/Philip have a full set to use/abuse on you! *

We will be training for an upcoming half-marathon and we hope you can join us to start training ASAP:

Pasadena Rock 'n' Roll Marathon- Feb 17, 2013 ($90)

Here are the logistics:

• Meet by the wall where San Vicente Blvd. and Ocean Ave. meets in Santa Monica @ 9am
• DON'T BE LATE (extra pushups & sit-ups if you're late) - get there early to look for parking.
• Free parking on the side streets & metered parking on Ocean. (meters accept credit cards)
• Wear a hat, put on lots of sun screen, bring a water bottle & a beach towel for the kettlebell workout.

See you all on Sunday, Phil
P.S. You can call me on my cell below if you have trouble finding us

Brunch Info: Interim Cafe - super healthy place, chosen given we are just post thanksgiving. Subject to Phil overriding the location. (Toby)

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your RSVP prior to the start of the event by changing your RSVP or notifying the organizer via email or text. Otherwise, non-attendance will be considered as no show & the Dinner for 8 "one strike you're out" policy will be strictly enforced.

Disclaimer: Philip is not a professional trainer. He is not certified nor licensed. His knowledge of training comes solely form his own personal experience & research. Further, by RSVP yes to this event: You understand and agree that you are voluntarily participating in a Dinner For 8 fitness event at your own request and at your own risk. You acknowledge that you are aware of the risks inherent in participating in any physical activities and certify that you are physically fit, have not been otherwise informed by any physician and know of no restrictions imposed on you by any physician that would in any way prevent you from actively participating in any fitness event. In consideration of Dinner For 8 allowing your participation in this fitness event, you, on behalf of yourself, your successors in interest, heirs, assigns, and representatives, hereby fully release and hold harmless DF8 and its staff, agents, employees, volunteers, and representatives, successors and assigns (be they individuals or organizations), (collectively, the “DF8”), of and from any and all liability, claims, damages, actions and causes of action whatsoever on account of any loss, damage or injury to person (including death) or any other loss or inconvenience whatsoever, suffered by you at any time hereafter arising out of your voluntary participation in this fitness event, whether resulting from the DF8’s negligence or otherwise (collectively, “Liabilities”). You hereby grant permission to DF8 to render preventative or first-aid assistance or seek treatment or medical care that it seems reasonably necessary, including hospitalization, for your health and well being. You also give permission to DF8 to freely use of your name, picture and voice in any broadcast, telecast, print account, online or any other account in any medium of the fitness event (the “Personal Release”). You understand that this Personal Release is perpetual in time and that it encompasses, without limitation, any copyright or right of publicity or privacy that you may have in your name, picture and voice.

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