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We are group of experienced riders who revere all types of motorcycle and love to ride locally for enjoyment. This is a Riding Club. There are no by-laws to abide by or dues to pay. As a retired Police Sergeant, I figure you should be responsible enough for your own actions, therefore respect each other as good human beings should. If you're an aggressive rider, we are not the riding club for you as we cruise the highway, soaking in the sunshine and enjoying mother nature along the route.
Anyone interested in "easy cruising" along the coast; twisties on canyon runs then enjoying a good meal at any biker friendly cafe is welcomed. Usually on the road early Saturday or Sunday mornings from the South-Bay to the Ventura County Line, if you have time for a half day run, come join us. All skills levels are encouraged. We admire all types of motors from foreign to domestics, HDs, cafe-style, motocross to Ruckus' and Vespas. I started this group to meet other riders who have an interest in the "Honda Shadow" motorcycle, however as we have progressed thru different motorcycle brands and styles, we look forward to exploring the blacktop highway with everybody on two or three wheels. Ride safe!

For anyone interested in joining our "elite" club (separate from the "riding club"), we do have a process of initiation which can be discussed in great length if this is something you would be interested in. The elite process will include our "one of a kind" patch and membership to the Disciples Crew as voted in by the present serving officers.

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Last Minute Ride for Brunch in San Pedro, CA

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