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Musa Muhaiyaddeen (E. L. Levin) has a rare gift for making the teachings of Sufism accessible to westerners and teaches in a very grounded way, distilling esoteric concepts into useable and understandable language. Musa is a direct disciple of the Sufi Saint Bawa Muhaiyaddeen. As Musa explains, Sufism goes beyond all languages, religions and cultural backgrounds. This is a path open to all seekers of the unseen, those striving to connect to their spiritual inner life, to give new meaning and direction that is easily put into practice.

You can hear many of Musa's discourses on his website at www.thewitnesswithin.com. His latest book, The Elixir of Truth: Journey on the Sufi Path, is available through Amazon.com.

To quote Musa, “There is this mystery of man’s relationship to God. Every person has this relationship. We need to explore this relationship, and make that exploration something that is a life-long priority. We identify with our bodies, but we are not our body. Similarly, we identify with our culture, language, religions, but we are not any of these things either. Our true story is the story of our real identity. We need to find what and who that is. Just as we have duties to our family, and within the work-sphere, at the same time we also have to do what is necessary to understand where reality is, and who we are in that reality. That, in fact, is our primary duty.”

A zikr recitation follows every talk and all are invited to join in.

These talks will be given at the New York New Church, 114 East 35th Street, New York, New York 10016.

All are welcome to attend, and there is no admission charge.

(Required statement: We are not sponsored by The Open Center)

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