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Friday Evening Cookouts Are Back!
Warm weather has returned... So has the Friday Evening Cookout. 3rd Friday of each month starting around 6 P.M. June 15th July 20th August 17th September 14th Come join us at the Discover Aviation Center Hangar for an evening of comradery with your fellow aviation enthusiasts. Drive-in or Fly-in - Plenty of parking for cars and planes. Bring a side dish to share. We are located at the Lorain County Regional Airport (KLPR) 44050 Russia Road, Unit 6, Elyria, Ohio

Discover Aviation Center at KLPR

44050 Russia Road - Unit 6 · elyria, OH

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Our mission is to keep general aviation alive and well with a diverse group of aviation enthusiasts. Whether you are a pilot, builder, or just a dreamer you are welcome to join our group. Take a look at our scheduled meetups, both past and present, and we're sure you'll find something interesting. Welcome!


Let's spend a couple hours talking about our personal GA experiences, safety tips, and anything we have learned from instructors, mentors, books and magazines about staying safe while flying small airplanes.

Ask pilots three questions concerning their most recent flight.

1. THREATS? Were there any distractions – either created by you or something else?

2. ERRORS? Did that threat or distraction cause an error?

3. UNDESIRED AIRCRAFT STATE? (UAS) Did the error cause your aircraft to end up in an undesired state? (i.e. off-field landing, wrong runway, wrong airport, got lost, or something worse)

Following the pilot's post flight briefing we’ll open the floor to all attendees for further discussion, comments and questions. This should be beneficial to all pilots and student pilots, and interesting to all others in attendance.

For now, meetups will be held at small airports around NE Ohio. Members are encouraged to fly-in, and are welcome from everywhere!

We’ll try to have a topic or theme to each meetup. Books, articles will be referred to, but each pilots' experience is most important!

Following are some topics we'll be discussing during meetups. If you have a topic not listed, post it and let us know.

VFR into IMC

Maneuvering Flight

Takeoff and Climb

Approach and Landing

Runway Incursion

Midair Collision

Fuel Management

Pilot Health, Alcohol, and Drugs

Night Flying


The Effect of Advanced Flight Training

Instrument Flight and CFIT

Advanced Aircraft Accidents

Pilot Personality


We’ll also be posting safety meetings that are held by Discover Aviation Center,

Members are encouraged to post GA related events on the message board.


Discover Aviation safety seminars – usually the 1st Saturday of the month at Discover Aviation Center.

FAASTeam seminars when in the area.

Discussing safety at our RAP Sessions will be a high priority.

SATURDAY or SUNDAY BREAKFAST SOCIAL: usually during the non-flying season

These have been a great success as we all love good food, good friends, and good aviation talk.


Share-a-Flight with another pilot, student pilot - or a dreamer. If you're planning a flight, and there's an empty seat, let the group know. You may get a dreamer to begin the road to becoming a pilot - and maybe some cost sharing too.

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