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You are very welcome to join this social meet-up, particularly if any of the following makes you think, 'that's me!':
you would like to identify your interests, talents and strengths
you are considering your career direction
you are not sure what career would suit you
you want to know how to achieve the next step towards unlocking your career potential

At this meetup we will be discussing these topics and considering ways that you can make your next step count. Do come along and feel free to contribute and share your experience or just listen and learn from others.

This meet-up will be hosted by Lisa-Rose & Zofia, two business professionals with experience in and a passion for this important topic.

We will be meeting at The Mitre, 131 Earham Road, Norwich, NR2 3RF on the first Thursday of every month at 7.30 - 9pm (ish). This meet-up will only cost you £4. Look for the sign on the table 'Discover Your Direction'. The Mitre is a new place in Norwich with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and free parking is available. If you are planning to attend, please sign up on the events page and we look forward to meeting you!

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CVs, cover letters, applications

City centre


At this meet up we will be starting to look at the tools we need to find a job, focusing on tips and advice for how to present yourself at the first stage - your application. This includes dos and don'ts for preparing a great CV, writing cover letters and the application form itself. We have a wealth of experience of helping people with this very important stage, which will help you to get to the next step.... an interview. (This meet up will run with a minimum of 5 people.)

How to excel at interview

City centre


At this meet up we will be helping you prepare for what many people find the most nerve-wracking stage of a job application process - the interview. Whether you have had many interviews or haven't had one for years, we have tips to help you perform as well as possible, and manage those nerves, too. We have coached countless people - of all ages, experience and backgrounds - in this skill, and seen them get jobs they are now doing and love. It is just as possible for you! (This meet up will run with a minimum of 5 people.)

Creative job hunting

City centre


At this meet up we will be looking at how to find jobs creatively, thinking about speculative approaches, information interviews and networking, both online and in person. The perfect job rarely just lands in our lap, we have to know where to look, but there's a much more effective way to job hunt than simply to scroll through endless job sites. Come along and find out how! (This meet up will run with a minimum of 5 people.)

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Discover your direction, Norwich - informal meet-up

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