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Awaken the PASSION within you!

Carolyn Datoo (BA Psychology, Enterpreneur) and Jo-Ann Ferreira (BSW, M.Ed, Psychotherapist, Creator of the Passion Plan) invite you to an inspirational workshop designed for women of all ages to discover their passions and how they can live a life that they love and live it powerfully. During this workshop you will also learn how to use vision boards, gratitude journals and mindfullness to create the life that you desire.

Ask yourself these two questions:
If nothing changes in your life right now and it looks exactly the same in 5 years time, will that be ok with you?
Do you have this burning desire to do something greater with your life and to live a life with power?
Then join us in this journey and learn how to find your passions and start living the life you love!

Who are we?
My name is Carolyn Datoo and I am on a journey to create a life that I love! I have a huge passion for helping people, especially women become the best versions of themselves and to live a powerful life. Aside from my love for empowering women, I am an entrepreneur at heart. At the age of 26 I purchased and owned my first business. I was the youngest franchisee for the company in that industry in Canada and realized along the way another passion of mine was business. After selling my business for profit I was able to have a new found freedom to take some time to discover my passions and life goals.
Through this journey I was able to realize the importance of personal growth and finding that leader within me to live a life that I could live powerfully. Having surrounded myself with empowered women and learning the top skills from attending workshops and completing leadership courses from top speakers - I am now inspired and on a personal journey to motivate and help other women like YOU to live a life that you love and to live it powerfully.

About our special guest Jo-Ann Ferreira
After 30 years of working as a psychotherapist and having started and grown 3 businesses, Jo-ann came to understand that successful business ownership and lasting personal transformation require not just more knowledge, but a change in behaviour that comes from personal growth and working on your mindset.
Her Purpose is to Inspire you to find your passions and work with that to create a life of meaning and purpose.
In a decision to follow her passions, she created The Passionate Plan, a company that focuses specifically on facilitating Transforming and Life Enhancing experiences for individuals.
Jo-ann has been trained in Accelerated Learning Techniques. This means that in addition to her natural talent for teaching, she really knows how to keep the audience fully engaged and have breakthroughs. She is remarkably engaging and entertaining, funny as heck, incredibly insightful and intuitive, full of an “infectious joie de vivre”, dedicated to others and audaciously authentic.

If you’ve always wanted more freedom, a higher quality of life, to have a greater impact, feel more confident, and experience more joy, meaning and fulfillment then Jo-ann is here for you!

Who should come?
Women who believe they have more to give in this one life that we have.
Women who are looking to make significant changes in their lives.
Women who want to be seen as high valued indviduals and live their lives with purpose.
Women who think its too late to pursue their dreams.
Women who want to follow their passions and dreams but are too afraid to take the jump.

Register today and explore the questions of “Who am I” and “What’s My Purpose” with interactive and thought-provoking activities!

Included in the event:
pen & note-pads
a room full of positive and inspring women of all ages!
lots of hugs and laugher (we like to hug!)

Please RSVP for this event as tickets are limited! Proceeds from this event will be donated to a Women's Shelter.

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