Practical and Sacred Self Care Series: Being Happy Now

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Do you postpone your happiness until you achieve something? When you get a car, get a promotion, accepted to a certain school? Do you have the “I’ll be happy when..” syndrome?

In this hands on Joyshop, we will identify the source of your unhappiness, why you are unhappy and then practice some simple, practical techniques you can use to stay in a state of flow with the universe. A playbook is included will help you bring clarity as you fill in the blanks so it works for you. It outlines the exercises, and is a resource for after the class. Being in a state of happiness unleashes so many other abilities in you as a human being, from productivity to the ability to just get more done and maximize everything that it is that you do. And isn’t that you want in this life, ease, joy, and flow with the universe?

The class includes making an individualized sacred sundry that will reinforce your commitment to your new way of thinking. It could be a spray, salt scrub, or other self care item. It will be infused with your energy and happiness.

P.S. When I asked for an assisting frequency for this class, I was guided to biological process of belching (the universe has a sense of humor). This is a perfect assisting frequency for us to stop regurgitating old beliefs and self defeating thoughts. [masked]

Cost: $33
If you sign up for the series, the last one is free. Also, $6 off for DYSG team members and the first 2 to sign up. Class limited to 9 (the number of patience of harmony, meditation, inspiration and perfection of ideas.)

Practical & Sacred Self-Care 6 Month Series:
Do you feel stuck, drained, or unhappy? Do you feel find out what is weighing you down, keeping you stuck and/or draining your energy. I use a unique blend of techniques that work with your brain and energy systems bring more light and ease into your life. Join Janice Dau for a 6 part series on Practical Self Care and Sacred Sundries

When you understand how your brain works, you can get it to work for you to make your transformation quickly and easily. The Energy Medicine is the special sauce that will make it fun, graceful and intentional. We will work with your gut feelings to help guide you to release what doesn’t serve, rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, and rejoice in your divinity! In the last part of the class, we will create special and sacred that will affirm and reinforce your commitment to your intention of more ease, joy or grace… whatever you seek.

Janice Dau, Abundance Facilitator and Frequency Alchemist, seeks a life of affluence, ease, and joy for all. By accessing the intelligence of the universe you live the life of your dreams. Janice’s values are clarity, simplicity, and fun. By loving what arises, you can become the change you seek.

Janice is a certified Usui Reiki & Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Akashic Record Librarian, Certified Anahata Code Practitioner, and lifetime learner. Her passion is building community and teaching others to use crystals, oils, chakras, EFT, and other modalities to live a life of affluence, ease, and joy.


There is FREE parking available at the Little Creek Building. You may also park across the street besides Shootin Shop South as well as on the street. Come up the external stairs on the south side of the Little Creek Building - Enter the external double doors for Suite 275. Arrive early to grab the best seat.