What we're about

While all with interest or expertise are welcome, this group in geared toward healthcare professionals interested in increasing their awareness of the interconnectedness of body-mind-spirit-microbiome in health and disease, and in integrating functional health concepts into our professional and personal lives. We will meet at a local venue monthly (or TBD) to hang out, network, share stories, review a topic of interest, and participate in a fun, healthy activity (TBD). As a clinical pharmacy specialist, I am trained to think "there's a drug for that" for most diseases. When my 30-year pharmacy career was suddenly derailed by a protracted health issue, it became painfully obvious that prescription meds were NOT the answer. Now finally on the upswing, I started this group to gauge local interest/expertise in functional medicine concepts, share my story as a means to inform and give back, provide a forum for socializing, networking and knowledge sharing, and have fun.