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We're a Meet-Up group created to focus on having fun outings like lunches, dinners, movies, and we'd like to even organize trips to museums and art shows. We also can take the time to discuss internal and external disabilities and the challenges that go with them, but we also want to have fun first and foremost since from experience we know how much a serious condition takes on your social life. We feel that as important as discussions are, so is keeping our social lives active.

So along with discussing our challenges and trading histories, and maybe even learning some new coping mechanisms, we want this group to have fun and exciting excisions, to have people meet new friends and possibly even have some members meet friends that last a life-time.

We want to emphasize that we're going to not just focus on what we cannot do, but focus on what we can do to live life to it's fullest. We can even plan group events we didn't consider possible individually but together, maybe we can make it a possibility. We want a chance to come together in spite of the challenges, and together share suggestions for helping each other in welcoming more fun and socializing into our lives.

Please share your suggestions for Meet-Ups with us, we're open to anything and everything within reason. We hope you'll join us, and thank you for your time. We hope you feel well and have a wonderful day!

Susanna & Adam - I Love Life! - Brooklyn, NY

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