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Calling individuals who are concerned about our individual liberties, protecting the original vision our forefathers had for this nation's political structure, i.e. checks and balances. The goal of this group is to cultivate and expanding thought and discussion concerning tyranny and the suppression of individual liberties. Discussion will be based on readings, these can be from books, articles, or contemporary/historical journalism. Paying attention to historical political trends that have led to the removal of individual rights and extreme atrocities in history.

I think it is paramount now more than ever in our nation's history that we keep the discussion alive so that we continue to think critically, read, and not become lulled into a false sense of safety. Our political representative has demonstrated tyrannical tendencies enough times to cause a nervous reaction for me at least. As such, I'd like to gather together individuals who are also of a like mind. Interested parties please reach out so that we may begin putting a discussion in the works.

Warmth, and cheers!

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