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Are you wanting to do a hobby after work but can't seem to, because you're tired? I've been there, we're force to have a routine because our jobs, which sometimes makes it impossible to be creative, more social, more active and mindful. I believe that if we make it a habit to get out of our comfort zones every now and then, there will always be growth. This is for anyone who wants to get out of their head, create art, use their talents to help others, learn about other perspectives, for wantrapreneurs/entrepreneurs.

After working in a soul sucking job, I didn't realize how drained I was--but most importantly, lost. I would dream about all the things I wanted to do if I didn't have a job. I came to realize that big life changes have to be done in steps. Getting out of our comfort zones keeps us moving forward into the unknown.

Let's connect!

I would love to do a poll to decide the event of the week, which would include some of the following:

• Dance classes just for fun

• Try out a comedy improve class

• Coaching events

• Professional development events

• Personal challenges that disrupt your routine

• Making friends in unconventional places

• Karaoke, duh

• Eating food you've never tried before

• Volunteer events

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Roller Skating Night


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