Disruptive Technologists: Tech Disrupts Democracy!

Disruptive Technologists in NYC
Disruptive Technologists in NYC
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1. Richard Hill, Founder & CEO, VoteOurVoice
2. Micah Sifry, Co-founder & President, Civic Hall
3. Jess Riegel, Founder, Motivote & Social Innovation Fellow, StartingBloc
4. Bruce Bachenheimer, Clinical Professor & Director Entrepreneur Lab, Pace University
5. Tristan Louis, Serial Entrepreneur &
published thought leader on digital innovation.

I. Democracy and Tech – How data and technology can help improve democracy
A. What technology innovations can improve the way we engage in our democracy?
B. Voting machine
C. Online voting and apps
1. How do we ensure the integrity of online voting?
2. Does innovation make voting more or less inclusive?
D. How are politicians using tech to influence us?

II. Voting
A. Is it enough to register people to vote?
B. Do voter registration organizations have an agenda?
C. Alternatives to down-ballot voting

III. Data
A. What data is collected and how is it protected?
B. What data is sold to politicians?
C. Using data vs emotion to make voting decisions
1. How can data assist in voting?
2. How do we get people to change the way they think about voting?
3. Will people use data if it conflicts with what they want to do emotionally?
D. Why is political performance data important?

IV. Politician accountability
A. Data transparency – facts vs fake data/voting information.
B. What role can tech play in helping people understand what news/information is credible?

V. Educating voters
A. Differences between informed voters vs down-ballot voters
B. How does our democracy operate now, and how can we improve it to be more efficient and inclusive?
C. State and local issues and elections have the greatest effect on the lives of people, however, most people do not understand the impact
D. How are people of color affected greater than the majority population?
E. What is the process for helping people understand the power of improving how democracy works?

VI. Democracy and activism
A. What influence has activism had on how democracy is changing?
B. How does uninformed voting hurt society?

VII. Participation
A. How can we get more people engaged in their democracy?
B. Who are the most loyal voters and why?

Moderator: Oliver Christie, Futurist & AI Expert

MC: Sep DiMeglio, Premier Developer Consultant, Microsoft

Interactive Videographer:
Jeffrey Paul, Ziotag: advanced deep-tagging.

Fireside Chat to follow one week later in January: Please send in your questions beforehand directly to the organizer on this Meetup page or to:

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