• Tales of Instrumentation


    After a bit of a break, our Distributed Tracing - NYC meetup is back at the Uber NYC office! Refreshments will be available at 6:20 p.m. and the talks will begin at 7:00 p.m. Anyone involved in distributed tracing knows that the journey starts with getting high quality instrumentation into your applications. So join us for some Tales of Instrumentation. Agenda: 6:30: Networking 7:00: Talk 1 - Instrumentation: breadcrumbs for a dark path in the future 7:45: Talk 2 - Introduction to OpenTelemetry 8:30: Networking 9:00: Lights out ** Instrumentation: breadcrumbs for a dark path in the future ** Presenter: José Carlos Chávez (https://github.com/jcchavezs) In observability, instrumentation is the task of adding signal emitters in our code for further analysis or debugging. Instrumenting a service is the first step towards understanding a system state while operating it but in practice it really depends on how much the libraries one consume can be instrumented. In this talk we will explore the importance of instrumentable code, patterns for writing instrumentable libraries, means for instrumentation, trade offs and lessons learned on the topic. José Carlos Chávez is a Software Engineer at Expedia, a Zipkin team member and a Mathematics student at the University of Barcelona. He enjoys working with APIs and distributed systems, and is the author of official libraries for Zipkin and OpenTracing. When not working with code, you can find him sipping on craft beers. ** Introduction to OpenTelemetry ** Presenter: Austin Parker (https://github.com/austinlparker) You may have heard of OpenTelemetry, the next major release of OpenTracing and OpenCensus, but you may wonder what it actually is, and how it's going to impact you. In this talk, you'll learn about what led to this project, how it builds on existing open source observability frameworks, and how you can join the community and get involved with the next generation of open source observability. Austin Parker is an Open Source Engineer at LightStep and a maintainer on the OpenTelemetry and OpenTracing projects. Additionally, he's the co-host and producer of On-Call Me Maybe, the world's best-named podcast about building and operating reliable software. You can find him on Twitter @austinlparker A big thanks to the event's host, Uber (https://eng.uber.com), and sponsor, Lightstep (https://lightstep.com)! ** Call for speakers ** If you have learnings and insights you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know if you're interested in speaking at an upcoming event!