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Want to network online too? Join my free Facebook group, where we do deep dives in the INNER game of sales and marketing for your business (and some outer game too!) >>>>>> Join us if you want to attract clients who: *don’t complain *put in 110% *don’t ask for freebies, extras or discounts. *get AMAZING results (and become raving fans + walking billboards) *easily – with more heart, and way less hustle. We have regular trainings, laser coaching opportunities, and women GETTING REAL about what it takes to feel invigorated, energized every day in your business. And leave feeling relaxed and fulfilled – able to be 100% present with your family and friends. (+ earning more than enough to generously pick up the check at dinner without a second thought!) We bust through self-doubt, challenge limitations, and shift our perception to possibility, abundance, and wealth creation every day. So if you have a HUGE calling in your heart that is aching to be expressed – not just by a couple of clients, but to be really valued and appreciated by a business full of only ideal clients - join the discussion today and get real about building a business by your design, making the impact and income you deserve. Click here to join my FREE Facebook Group: See you on the other side! :) Your hostess, Kristen Baker

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Welcome to Profiting from your Passions meetup! I am your host, Kristen Baker. This group is for people who are committed to profiting from their passions. Committed to serving others at a high level of excellence.

Whether you:

• Aren't sure what your passion is, or what you want to sell (but you are 100% committed to figuring it out and living your true purpose!)

• You are an expert in your industry and your sell your knowledge or skills, you are a service based entrep delivering your passions to others.

• Or you are passionate about making and selling products (jewelry, clothing, technology), etc.

This is a community to connect with other high achievers. COMMITTED to delivering HIGH quality work to our clients and customers. Committed to living our true passion and purpose. Committed to serving others at the highest levels of excellence. And who know that profiting is the only way to really play BIG and bring your passions to life, share them with others at the highest levels.

Join us!

PS why should you care about PROFITING from your passions? I know there are plenty of people out there who want to do work they love, but they shy away from making money at it. But here is the reality. Money buys you alot of resources to express your passions in a bigger way. Money buys you time. Time to spend on your passion where you dont have to spend it at a day job. Money buys you training. Access to the BEST teachers in your industry. Money buys you collaborations. Well....INFLUENCE buys you collaborations with the best of the best, but money can buy influence (ads to grow your community, consultants to help you with marketing, etc). Money buys you appreciative clients. Who do you think appreciates your work more? The person who pays $10 or the person who pays $1000? Money buys the ability to SHARE your passions in a bigger way. To have a bigger marketing budget. To hire team members that are excellent and highly creative. Money is a TOOL to express your purpose. When you reject money, you limit the ways you can express your purpose. When you make money your god, you also limit the ways you can use it as a tool to express your purpose and money becomes your master. Money needs its RIGHT place in your purpose. It can be a very great TOOL to express your purpose and passions and potential to the next level. So, commit today to not just having passions, but profiting from them. And join us to get the resources you need to do so!

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