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Join us for an intensive 3-hour workout to understand Design Sprints by invite only.

About the Event : (https://www.q-glue.com/design-sprints/?utm_source=listing)

The session by John Vetan, a Design Sprint Strategist & Co-founder Design Sprint Academy and New Haircut in Berlin will give a brief about How to use Design Sprint for business innovation and What is Design Thinking? John will introduce and run you through the perks of a Sprint. This interactive session, will not only get you expert insights into the process but also some first-hand opportunity to experience what it means to run one. “Sprint Design is a shortcut to learning without building and launching.” A Design Sprint helps you to save your precious time, energy and resources, by jumping into the future. The Sprint process, developed and embraced by Google Ventures, shrinks what is normally a months-long development cycle, into five intensive days.

About the Speaker : (https://www.q-glue.com/design-sprints/?utm_source=listing)

John Vetan is an entrepreneur and digital enthusiast with over 15 years of experience bringing innovation into organizations. He has chartered the evolution of New Haircut’s design thinking process and currently, as founder and strategist at the Design Sprint Academy, is helping organizations around the world to use and adopt Design Sprints as an effective way to innovate. In 2003 John started the software development company New Haircut. Working on design and software projects for both startups and Fortune 500 companies. John had started running training programmes for corporations and public workshops and eventually the Design Sprint academy grew out of this need and now runs Design Sprint Training around the globe. Over the past 2 years, Design Sprint Academy has developed additional training programs to complement the design sprint process, particularly centered on problem framing and train the trainer Design Sprint Academy also runs training session together with InVision and at Google’s own Sprint Master Academy. This event is an invite-only event, click (https://www.q-glue.com/design-sprints/?utm_source=listing)here to request yours.

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