Diversity Toastmaster Speech-athon


Hello Toastmasters!

Please join us for our ** BONUS ** July meeting that we're affectionately calling a Speech-athon; a night of speeches.

Since July has five Tuesdays, we're going to take advantage of the 5th Tuesday, July 30th, and using our normal meeting time to rack up some speeches. Yay!!! #LetsHearYours

Less than week til show-time! We have a great line-up of speakers forming, but our line-up won't be complete without YOU. The more the merrier, me thinks. Come share your greatness with us and let us see you shine. You know you want to!

The speeches will be 5-7 minutes on any topic you choose. It is recommended that you do a for-credit speech, but we are happy to listen to (almost) anything you want to say.

Please let me know by FRIDAY, the 26th, if you'd like to be added to the list.

If you want to speak, also email me your intro (including speech title) ahead of time so I can provide it to the Toastmaster(s) of the Day.

If time allows, we will consider oral evaluations. Written evaluations will be arranged for anyone wanting "credit" for their speech, so please let me know that, as well.

We will be opening the meeting with the customary agenda items but waiving the functionaries and Table Topics for this meeting.

We will NOT be waiving the FUN! #LearningIsFun

Looking forward to seeing everybody!

Luann McKenzie
Diversity Toastmasters
VP Education