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I'm trying to start a network of people in the great lakes area (primarily based in Illinois) of geeks, nerds, freaks, outcasts ect. The idea is to start a social network > do small gatherings > do mini-cons > and eventually have a brick and mortar hang out place. I took the time to design a social network just for this purpose (which is located at http://dividebyzero.network ) and I would appreciate (if you are interested that is) if you would go over there and sign up and start making friends. The setup is very similar to facebook with the major difference being that everyone shares the same newsfeed (or as I've called it an activity page) so you can jump right into the conversation. I don't plan to announce a lot of our meetups on here so please join http://dividebyzero.network and help us work our way towards a permanent hangout (with afternoon to late night hours) that I'm striving for, thank you for your time.

Note: because of spam issues we aren't allowing yahoo addresses, if you have one just use use this format instead yourname@yahoo1.com instead of yourname @yahoo.com

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