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This Meetup will do Hikes and outdoor activities around the north shore, greater vancouver, whistler We will do light easy hikes but we do like the challenging hike. My name is Vince I am a theology student and love discussing issues around spirituality. I thought it would be a cool idea to do some hikes and discuss some philosophy. We have been hiking around the north shore for many many years and know all of the local trails very well. The usual warnings if you plan on joining us come prepared for all weather conditions.

We are a group of volunteer organizers. Our goal is to bring people together for a wide variety of positive experiences at our favourite locations. From casual walkers to trail runners and backpackers, our members love being in the outdoors and doing activities in groups; especially hiking, snow shoeing and scrambling. Enjoy our hills responsibly, the outdoors can be a hazardous place.

Organizer Abilities and Responsibilities

Our organizers are not paid guides and should not be treated as such. We recommended that members follow our organizers directions but ultimately your safety is your own responsibility and all of your actions and inactions should be done with a degree of caution.

Our organizers are only responsible for setting a date, time, place, and giving some details about the trip. Other responsibilities such as route plans, timing, and pace can be set and guided by the organizer but are not to be followed blindly or without common sense. Keeping the group together is everyone's responsibility, do not rely on the organizer to do it alone.

Once you leave the meeting point, group safety is everyone's concern. Please watch out for each other.

Our organizers have the ability to refuse any member before or at the event. They also have the ability to create their own Going List with their own tailored requirements. Having a profile photo or having already met are examples of these types of requirements. Please review the event details carefully if you are not moved from the Waiting List in a day or two.

Our organizers have the ability to set restrictions. Allowing members to bring guests, kids, or dogs and setting a group size are some examples. Please respect all such restrictions.

Our organizers are asked to mark attendance and record them online for the future viewing of all organizers.

Member Responsibilities

As a member of The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup you are responsible for your own safety and well being. Other responsibilities include:
-having adequate equipment for the event
-having adequate food and water for the event
-being self sufficient (in case you get separated, excludes carpooling)
-being responsible with your RSVP's
-following trail etiquette
-please comment when leaving the group (Yes, I do read them!)

Carpooling Guidelines

-please email those who offer rides directly if possible to arrange your ride
-please provide your cell number to the driver
-please offer $5 to $6 per hour of driving, regardless of how many riders there are, offer more for logging roads and 4x4 terrain
-be early at your meeting point with the driver because they are not expected to wait for you if you are not there at the agreed time
-please give cash for the round trip at the start of the trip and don't wait to be asked
-do not ask for or expect a refund if you find a different ride home
-please bring runners to change into at the end of the event and a bag for muddy footwear

-please post ride offers in the comments section of the event, include number of spots, your starting city and route
-only offer rides in the comments if you are on the attending list
-email ride offers to the organizer if you are on the waitlist
-please post when your vehicle is full and who you are taking, update as necessary
-feel free to refuse anyone for any reason, including not having cash
-please understand that offering rides can be rewarding, and also frustrating
-try to have multiple riders meet at the same location if possible
-please do not wait more than 5 minutes for late riders, if you wait at all; others will have to wait for you at the trailhead
-phone riders when cancelling, emailing them may be too slow for them to find another ride

Trail Etiquette

Please as organizers and members:
-keep to group sizes that don't cause a trail or other hikers to suffer
-when hikers who are not in your group catch up and want to pass, let them pass everyone smoothly, stepping aside as the trail allows and notifying those in front of you
-warn others in your group when encountering oncoming mountain bikes or equines, and how many
-do not damage or alter the environment, including littering, building cairns or blazing trails
-do not stray from the trail into areas sensitive to erosion
-do not shortcut switchbacks, it leads to land erosion and lost hikers
-do not venture into restricted areas or onto private properties
-obey all park rules and signage
-keep language kid friendly on a kid friendly hike
-avoid crude, sexist, racist or otherwise offensive remarks
-avoid excessive complaining
-absolutely refrain from complaining about the organizer or anyone present during the event
-always be aware of where you are, where you have gone, and where you are going
-be aware if you are last of the group
-regroup at all junctions and viewpoints unless directed otherwise
-when wearing snow shoes step aside for crampon wearers
-step aside for backpackers when day hiking
-horse play is unsafe in forests
-let others know if you need to turn around or go back on your own

Responsible RSVPing and Member Etiquette

Please as organizers and members:
-refrain from RSVPing YES to two events at the same time, even in two different meetup groups
-do not attend an event unless on the event's Going list
-only RSVP after reading all of the event details
-only RSVP to an event if you know you are capable of doing it
-refrain from making any negative or sarcastic comments in the comments section of any event, repeating offenders will be removed/banned
-if you have any concerns regarding an event, email the event organizer; if unsatisfied, email the group organizer
-cancel well before the event if you are not sure you can make it when there are people on the event's Waiting list
-cancel well before the event when you cannot make it
-always provide an emailed apology or explanation to the organizer for late cancellations and accidental NO SHOWS
-unexplained late cancellations can be considered a NO SHOW, even if you change your RSVP
-some events are only for members without NO SHOWS
-repeated NO SHOWS can result in a member being banned

Always Come Prepared

-leave a route plan with a friend, include return time, if you have overnight gear, vehicle description and license plate (Search and Rescue (SAR) does not have immediate access to meetup information)
-have the right footwear for your hike, if unsure ask
-having adequate food, water and supplies is essential to your own survival
-review the 10 essentials (http://www.northshorerescue.com/education/what-to-bring/) when packing and think about where you are going and what you would need if you were accidentally separated from the group, disoriented, and had to spend the night in the wilderness
-don't think it won't happen to you

Leave No Trace

-plan ahead and prepare
-travel and camp on durable surfaces
-dispose of waste properly
-leave what you find
-minimize campfire impacts
-respect wildlife
-be considerate to other visitors
-more information can be found at LNT.org (https://lnt.org/learn/7-principles)

Hiking Can be Dangerous

Hiking is an inherently dangerous activity. It is possible to be seriously injured or killed on many routes taken by this group; it has happened in the past. Individual route descriptions may leave you with the impression that there is little difficulty or danger involved but this is not always true. People approaching and scaling mountains are advised to do so with a healthy degree of caution. Anyone ascending mountains must realize that their safety lies in their own hands. You must use your own judgement to evaluate the safety of your route and situation based on your observations and abilities. Do not depend on the information provided by the organizer to keep you safe. Anyone following route descriptions provided by this site or an organizer do so at their own risk.

Start out easy and choose routes that are within your ability level. If you are unsure you probably need more experience and should choose the easiest routes. The best way to gain experience is to go on trips with skilled people.

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Be hypersensitive to time, changing weather, conditions, your ability and comfort level. If something doesn't seem right or you suspect you are entering an unsafe situation, turn around. The mountain will always be there. Exercising good judgement and knowing when to back off a route is absolutely essential to staying alive.

Snow Shoeing is Not Winter Hiking

A lot of summer trails can be extremely dangerous in the winter and many are closed for good reasons. The Grouse Grind summer trail is dead center in an avalanche zone. Some winter trails skirt dangerous areas. For example, when we snowshoe to Hollyburn Mountain in the winter we are...

"...scant meters from a gully system that kills skiers and boarders year after year... "

source: How to Kill Yourself Snowshoeing. (http://blog.oplopanax.ca/2010/10/how-to-kill-yourself-snowshoeing/) A veteran SAR volunteer's experiences in British Columbia

I strongly suggest to everyone who snowshoes or uses crampons to read this blog entry. It could save your life.

Back Country Hikes

When hiking in the back country there is always a possibility that SAR will have to be called. It is vital that there is someone to call them. We are not a professional group, but we have taken some steps to ensure this happens. However, it greatly depends on your cooperation.

When asked to fill out the Emergency Contact Form and send it to your contact, it is extremely important to you and the group that you follow those instructions.

Fill it out and either email or deliver it to your emergency contact. Also provide your contact's number to the organizer, who in turn provides these numbers to their emergency contact. Should SAR be needed, they will call your contact, who can provide the necessary information. This is a requirement for all back country events. Cooperation and compliance may determine your participation.



Please read this Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risks and Release and Indemnity Agreement, including Introduction and Conclusion (the “Document”) carefully before clicking "Yes" on your RSVP. This Document informs you about your responsibilities and assumption of risks, and includes a release of liability, indemnification and surrender of certain legal rights.

In consideration of the services of The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup, its Organizer, Assistant-Organizer and all other persons or entities associated with it (hereafter collectively “The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup Group”), participant, including parent(s) of minor participants, agree as follows:


Engaging in Outdoor Activities and other events organized through The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup may involve serious risks. These activities vary but can include forces of nature, wildlife, weather conditions, natural disasters, human error and accidents. I (and my parent(s), if I am a minor) acknowledge that participating in Outdoor Programming activities involves risks. Some risks are inherent in these activities and cannot be eliminated or reduced. A variety of other risks also exist. These inherent and other risks, hazards and dangers can cause injury, property damage, illness, mental or emotional trauma, paralysis, disability or death to participant or others. The following describes some, but not all of those risks, hazards and dangers:

1) Risks involved in all Outdoor Activities.
2) Risks in decision making. Members must make judgments and decisions as they participate in Outdoor activities. The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup Group also must make judgments and decisions as they assist participants. These judgments and decisions are, by their nature, imprecise and subject to error. Consequently, there are risks involved in decision-making and conduct, including, without limitation, the risk that a organizer or Assistant Organizer may misjudge a participant’s abilities or fitness level.
3) Member's personal equipment failure or misuse.
4) Risks regarding conduct. The potential that I, other participants or third parties may act carelessly or recklessly or generally fail to exercise cares.

Such risks, hazards and dangers associated with Outdoor Programming and the use of trail systems of various grades are not limited to: wildlife encounters, weather, uneven trails systems abrasion, cuts and bruises resulting from being outdoors. These and other circumstances may cause fractures, sprains, broken bones, concussions, cuts or abrasions, or other injury or illness, mental or emotional trauma, paralysis, disability or death.

I understand that the above list is not complete and that other unknown or unanticipated risks, hazards and dangers may result in injury, damage death or other loss. I acknowledge that participating in these activities requires a special degree of skill and knowledge different from other activities and that I have responsibilities as a participant. I have no mental or physical problems or limitations that might compromise or affect my ability to participate in Outdoor Activities which has not been disclosed to The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup. I represent I am fully capable of participating in these activities without causing harm to others or me and I agree to follow all The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup rules and regulations.

I understand that the presence of The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup Organizer or Assistant Organizer or Event Host is no assurance of my safety or the lessening of any of these risks. Outdoor Programs may be dangerous activities, I acknowledge that all participants are responsible for their own safety. My participation in these activities is purely voluntary, and I choose to participate in spite of and with knowledge of the risks. Therefore, I (and my parent(s), if I am a minor) assume and accept full responsibility for those risks identified here and for those risks not identified, and for injury, damage, death or other loss suffered by me resulting from those risks, or resulting from my own negligence or other conduct.


Please read carefully. This section contains a Release and Indemnity Agreement and surrender of certain legal rights.

Participant, if he/she is an adult, or parent(s), for themselves and on behalf of their participating minor child, by clicking "Yes" to RSVP:

1. agree to release and covenant not to sue The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup and its members, with respect to all claims, liabilities, suits or expenses (including lawyers’ fees on a solicitor and own client basis), arising out of any injury, damage, death or other loss to me or my child in any way connected with my/my child’s participation in The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup Outdoor Programming or other equipment and facilities. I agree here to waive all claims I may have against The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup, its members, and agree that neither I, nor anyone acting on my behalf, will make a claim or file a lawsuit of any kind against The Divine Hiking spiritual Meetup, its members, as a result of any injury, damage, death or other loss suffered by me or my child;

a) brought by or on behalf of me, my child, or a family member, arising out of any injury, damage, death or other loss to me or my child in any way connected with my/my child’s participation in The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup Outdoor Programming other equipment and facilities; and

b) brought by a co-participant or any other person, arising out of any injury, damage, death or other loss claimed to be caused, in whole or in part, by my/my child’s conduct in the course of participating in The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup Outdoor Programming activities or using The Divine Hiking Spiritual's other equipment and facilities.

This Release and Indemnity Agreement includes any losses claimed to be caused, in whole or in part, by the negligence of The VanHikers and includes claims for personal injury, property damage, wrongful death, products liability, breach of contract or otherwise.


I agree that this Document and all other aspects of my relationship with VanHikers are governed by British Columbia laws. Any proceeding arising out of or relating to my participation in The VanHikers activities must be filed or entered into only in the Province of British Columbia and British Columbia laws shall apply.

I authorize The Divine Hiking Spiritual Meetup, it's members to obtain or provide medical care for me/my child or to transport me/my child to a medical facility. I authorize medical personnel to render such treatment they deem necessary for me/my child’s health. I agree that The VanHikers has no responsibility for medical care provided to me/my child and I agree to pay all costs associated with such medical care and transportation.

Any portion of this Document deemed unlawful or unenforceable shall not affect the enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Document and the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.

The date I will enter or have entered in the question box on my profile indicates the last date that I have carefully read and agree to this document.

I have carefully read, understand and voluntarily click "Yes" to RSVP for an event and acknowledge that it shall be effective and binding upon me and my family and my heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and estate.

Vince is a certified Wilderness First Responder

Upcoming events (4+)

Murrin Park Loop Prayer Hike Easy

Location visible to members

Murrin Park Loop Hike Intro

The Murrin Park Loop Trail (also called the Quercus Trail) is located in Murrin Provincial Park, Squamish. Murrin Park is a popular spot for swimming, fishing, and rock climbing.

The Murrin Park Loop Trail takes you to some incredible viewpoints, including Quercus Viewpoint and Jurassic Ridge. The view of Howe Sound has been compared to that of the view the Chief gives you, but from a lower elevation and with less effort.

From the viewpoints, you can see Howe Sound and the mountains looming over the Sea to Sky highway to the south. The Murrin Loop Trail is scenic and peaceful and takes you by many of the rock climbing walls in the park. In fact, there are over 100 climbing routes in the park.

You’ll often see the parking lot at Murrin Park jam-packed as you drive by along the Sea to Sky Highway. It is estimated the park sees 350,000 visitors per year. This is because the quaint Browning Lake is a favorite spot for swimming, picnicking and for fishing. Some will stretch their legs by taking the walk around the Browning Lake Trail, which navigates the lake.

Far fewer people, aside from rock climbers, tend to head into the hiking trails around the park. And they’re missing out.

A complete map of the park’s trails can be found here.

Murrin Park Loop Hike Stats

Rating: Moderate
Distance: 2.4 km**
Net Elevation Change*: 160 m
Highest Point: 290 m
Time Needed: 1.5 Hours
Type: Loop

Extreme Baden Powell Trail Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay Expert

Quarry Rock Deep Cove

This is an awesome hike but extremely difficult 😞 only for expert’s
You do the whole Baden Powell Trail from Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay starting in Deep Cove I like the easy part first as we start in the dark. If you look at my hiking schedule you see three extremely difficult hikes before this one. This is my end of summer Iron Hiking Man Challenge. Ha Ha. I lov this hike very beautiful 🤩 please please don’t come if you don’t think 🤔 you can handle it 46 km and 2600 meters it’s gruesome you need to be able to hike at a good pace. After a beverage at Horseshoe Bay we will Taxi 🚖 it back to deep cove

Diez Vista. Hike buntzen lake intermediate

Location visible to members

Diez Vista

Diez Vista translates to ten views, which youll get to enjoy on this exciting hike. On a clear day you can see as far as Burnaby Mountain, Deep Cover, Bedwell Bay, Belcarra and more. Its a popular trail and has been favoured for many moons.
Length: 7km
Difficutly: Moderate
Where: Bunzten Lake Rec Area, Port Moody

Need a ride text[masked]

You are expected to follow Leave No Trace principles.

Attendees should be properly prepared (ie. by carrying the "10 Essentials").

Please bring the following:
10 essentials

Hiking boots
Hiking poles
Micro spikes probably not needed
Headlamp (extra batteries)
Water-proof/wind-resistant jacket
Layered and extra clothing
Water filter
Sunscreen and bear spray (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
First aid supplies


• All participants in our club activities are entirely responsible for their own safety.
• Please come prepared for the season and the hike– wear sufficient layers, water proof boots, jacket and pants, snowshoe, bug spray, plenty of water etc
.• If you RSVP yes and then must cancel, please update your RSVP immediately, so we don't wait for you.

CARPOOLING POLICY: 1. Carpooling requests should be made by comment with your RSVP.
2. Please remember to reimburse your driver. The suggested rate is $5 per passenger per hour of driving time, and up to $8 per hour on rough logging roads, and in adverse conditions, at the discretion of the driver. This helps to cover fuel, maintenance and wear and tear
3. If the trip is less than one hour, please pay your driver $5 regardless.
4. Unless you have made one-way arrangement in advance with the driver, your return trip should be paid in advance, at the start of the trip. You should not expect a refund if you cancel your ride home.
5. Please put muddy hiking boots in a clean plastic bag and change into runners after the event/activity.

We are a group composed of volunteers. The organizer and any/all assistant organizers and other attendees are in no way responsible and liable for your personal safety and health state, before, during and at anytime after this event. By RSVPing "Yes", for this event, you acknowledge that you fully understand and accept the aforementioned conditions and following event attendance conditions and, you are solely responsible for your own health, safety and well-being before, during and at anytime after the event as stated previously.
Please read the waiver https://www.meetup.com/Divine-North-Vancouver-Hiking-Spiritual-Meetup/

All attendees shall forever hold harmless the organizers and other attendees and unconditionally waive any liabilities resulting from attending and/or participating in this event.

Not a beginner event do not over estimate your abilities!

2 day Sea to Sky Marine Trail Kayak

Location visible to members

Sea to Sky Marine Trail Kayak and Camp
We will leave porteau cove go to a two marine campsites and then end up back at porteau cove details to be finalized

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Worship Covid Cafe on Commercial 11 am

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