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Your Love/Hate Relationship with The Habits You Want To Break - Roseville Spark
• What we'll do July Workshop Theme "Your Love/Hate Relationship with The Habits You Want to Break" We all have habits we want to break. But, we love them and they satisfy some need, whether we know what it is or not. What if you could get enough insight about your habits to change or break them in favor of what would better support your life? In this workshop, we take a playful approach to gaining insight, forgiving ourselves, and discovering a healthier alternative. Learn mindfulness, insight and meditation techniques for understanding your inner landscape and how to heal yourself. ________________________ Learn and practice meditation and self-healing techniques that make your life more meaningful and enjoyable. Spark energy healing sessions with practitioners, too. "If you like to keep things light and fun while you learn, explore and grow, then this is for you." Laura Hansen, Founder Details: 10:30am - 12:30pm Maidu Community Center - Senior Room 1550 Maidu Dr. Roseville, CA $10 per person

Maidu Community Center

1530 Maidu Dr · Roseville, CA

What we're about

We celebrate the oneness with nature and the Source energy that flows through all life and matter.

The core practice of the Center is the Divine Spark Method. We freely teach this method with the wish that you will use it in your daily life, and share it with others.

As a thriving community founded in 2011, we invite you to gather with us to experience the powerful healing generated in nature with a large group. With several activities to explore, the Divine Spark Center for Joyful Renewal also offers public healing clinics, weekend wellness workshops, and certification courses for practice or teaching the Divine Spark Method. Feel free to join us at an upcoming event or visit our website to learn more.

The Center is non-religious and we embrace all ways of worship and perspectives of the human experience. Although many who are drawn to this work are spiritually-minded, we affirm that the Source energy can be experienced and interpreted in many ways.

Our Vision: to Create a world where action originates from conscious co-creativity with the limitless Source flowing through us.

Our Mission: to Provide experiences for the exploration and understanding of how we can reside within Source in our daily actions to create meaningful life experiences.

For more information, go to: Divine Spark Center ( web site

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