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You are a Divine BEING of Love and Light, a spiritual Being having a human experience who has chosen to be here now to make a positive difference in the world. In other words, you are a "Lightworker"!

If your Spirit has been calling to you from within, urging you to find more meaning in your life, and pushing you to discover your path and fulfill your sense of purpose, then I am honored that you have found this MeetUp Group!

My name is Lee Ann Somers and I created Divine BEING Institute as a way to support Lightworkers on the spiritual journey to Self-Love, Self-Empowerment and Partnership with the Divine. I was truly blessed to make friends with incredibly loving group of Archangels and Ascended Masters after my spiritual awakening in 1999 and their support has transformed my life. And now, I am so grateful to pass on their wisdom and healing through classes, workshops, events and sacred sites tours that help you to connect to the incredible Spiritual Being that you are!

All classes include channeled messages and guided meditations from Spirit. With the help of these guides, you will accelerate your healing and growth exponentially! It would be my pleasure to support you in finding your inner strength, self-acceptance, your truth, peace, and all that you seek as you journey to Self Mastery.

It is also my goal to consciously create a supportive community of Lightworkers that can gather together in a safe, non-judgmental space to experience authenticity, caring, connection, friendship, belonging, and encouragement with like-minded & like-hearted soul family.

Whether you a beginner to spirituality searching for answers, a Lightworker looking for community, or a weary Spiritual Warrior in need of a hug, we are here for you!

You are welcome to participate in any of our classes with no prior requirements. Your soul already knows these truths, so it's just about time to remember who you are and practice BEING That.

Many blessings and Namaste!

Lee Ann Somers

Topics Include:

Lightworker Training Classes / Cleansing & Protecting Your Energy Field / Self Love & Forgiveness / Meditation Training / The Seven Cosmic Healing Rays / Working with Your Angels & Master Teachers / Developing Intuition / Self-Empowerment / Chanting / Spirituality and Metaphysics / Universal Laws / Personal and Planetary Healing / Planetary Grids / Akashic Records / Traditional Usui Reiki / Inner Child Healing / Integrating Your Higher Self...and so much MORE!

Visit http://www.LeeAnnSomers.com and http://www.aGracefulGathering.com for more information.

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Being U - Holistic Center & Meditation School


Being U - Holistic Center & Meditation School


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